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The Military Shelf.

Osprey Publishing

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Osprey's CLASSIFIED: SPECIAL OPERATIONS MISSIONS 1940-2010 (9781849087735, $24.95) provides a fine survey of special forces units and their operations, covers the strikes and strategies of different forces in different nations, and offers the latest companion for Force on Force, allowing wargamers full access to creating Special Operations scenarios. From historical scenarios to generic backgrounds, wargamers receive an in-depth review of missions and objectives in an outstanding guide recommended especially for Force on Force wargame players. Chris McNab's THE FALL OF EBEN EMAEL: BELGIUM 1940 (9781780962610, $18.95) provides a fine survey of one of the greatest raids in history: the fall of a seemingly invincible fortress, Eben Emael, on the Belgian border. It was largely underground, had numerous bunkers, and was surrounded by heavily armed gun turrets protecting the bridges Germans had to cross. Conventional tactics were impossible - so a force of paratroopers were deployed by glider. Blow-by-blow discussions of tactics and the operation's movements make this a solid addition to any military strategy holding. Byron E. Hukee's USAF AND VNAF A-1 SKYRAIDER UNITS OF THE VIETNAM WAR (9781780960685, $22.95) joins others in Osprey's military aircraft history series and belongs in any military or aviation history collection, considering the evolution of the USAF Skyraider units and the VNAF models that saw action in Vietnam. Missions, interactions with enemies, and first-person accounts from those who flew them makes for a vivid account of combat history, paired with vintage black and white and color photos throughout. Leroy Thompson's THE M1903 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE (9781780960111, $18.95) provides a fine focus on the late 1800s rifle used to overturn US troops' firepower disadvantage during World War I, and recounts the development of a rifle famed for its accuracy and used as a sniping weapon during the Korean War. Specially commissioned artwork accompanies veterans' recollections of the rifle and supplements a history documenting its military action and many successes, making this a 'must' for military and firearms holdings alike. Martyn Chorlton's HAWKER HURRICANE MK I-V (9781780966021, $18.95) charts the evolution and impact of the Hurricane, which became the fighter plane of choice in North Africa and the Far East during World War II. It charts the rise and experiences of Hurricane squadrons, their battles, and the evolution of the craft itself, providing many vintage black and white photos throughout. Any World War II collection or aviation library will find this a winning title! Such collections will also relish Gordon L. Rottman's WORLD WAR II TACTICAL CAMOUFLAGE TECHNIQUES (9781780962740, $18.95), which pairs vintage black and white photos with color illustrations by Peter Dennis in the course of exploring military camouflage history.

Detailed artwork and history considers US, British, German and Soviet practices, and offers a fine focus on camouflage techniques and their evolution. Dmitriy Khazanov and Aleksander Medved's PE-2 GUIARDS UNITS OF WORLD WAR 2 (9781780960654, $22.95) provides military and aviation libraries with a fine survey of the most numerous Soviet bomber of World War II, and is a strong collection of images and history of a fighter which entered service in 1940 and ended production in late 1945, with over 10,000 planes in service. Extensive history covers pilots and planes alike, linking key battles to the Pe-2 efforts during the war.
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Date:May 1, 2013
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