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The Military Shelf.

Black Ops Vietnam

Robert M. Gillespie

Naval Institute Press

291 Wood Road

Annapolis, MD 21402

9781591143215 $41.95

Black Ops Vietnam: The Operational History of MACVSOG is a scholarly study of the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MACVSOG), which was officially activated in January of 1964 and existed for nine years. MACVSOG played a critical part in air operations over North Vietnam, the war in Laos, the Tet Offensive, Operation Lam Son 719, the Easter Invasion, and the Son Tay POW Raid. Assembled from declassified documents and memoirs, Black Ops Vietnam is an in-depth focus on the deeds of this elite group, and its true stories are especially relevant amid today's problematic, complex, and difficult ongoing counter-insurgency operations. Highly recommended, especially for college library military history shelves.

The Elusive Enemy

Douglas Ford

Naval Institute Press

291 Wood Road

Annapolis, MD 21402

9781591142805 $22.95

The Elusive Enemy: U.S. Naval Intelligence and the Imperial Japanese Fleet studies U.S. naval operations and intelligence-gathering in the Pacific theater during World War II, with particular emphasis on the struggle to obtain qualitative intelligence about the military capabilities of the Japanese Navy. Drawing upon historical case studies as well as recently declassified intelligence documents to support its analysis, The Elusive Enemy posits that only through combat did the U.S. Navy garner a complete understanding of its foe - all other efforts yielded information that might be useful but was otherwise lacking. Chapters explore everything from initial perceptions of the Japanese Navy to how those views changed during the course of the war, to the necessary evolutions in U.S. Naval air combat doctrine, and more. A methodical and serious-minded contribution to military and naval history shelves, The Elusive Enemy is especially recommended for college library collections.

The Final Mission of Bottoms Up

Dennis R. Okerstrom

University of Missouri Press

2910 LeMone Boulevard

Columbia, MO 65201

9780826219480 $29.95

Part of The American Military Experience series, The Final Mission of Bottoms Up: A World War II Pilot's Story tells the story of B-24J Liberator "Bottoms Up" and its crew of eight young men. Near the end of World War II, an anti-aircraft shell crippled "Bottoms Up", and despite the crew's desperate efforts, further German fire over what is now Croatia spelled the plane's doom. Co-pilot Lee Lamar expected to die that day, yet miraculously survived his bailout; he would endure as a prisoner of war at a stalag on the Baltic Sea until the war ended, and he would never see most of his fellow crewmen again. In 2006, more than sixty years later, Croatian archaeologist Luka Bekic discovered the wreckage of "Bottoms Up", and searched out more about the crew's identities and fates. Bekic contacted Lee Lamar, who had married and raised and family; with Bekic's help, Lamar was able to visit the crash site and meet the Croatian Partisans who had helped some members of his crew escape. The Final Mission of Bottoms Up is a meticulously accurate reconstruction of the plane's final, fateful voyage and the heroism of its crew, absorbing to the final page, and a welcome addition to military biography and history shelves.

Osprey Publishing

4402 - 23rd Street, Suite 219

Long Island City, NY 11101-5058

Martin Pegler's OUT OF NOWHERE: A HISTORY OF THE MILITARY SNIPER, FROM THE SHARPSHOOTER TO AFGHANISTAN (9781849086455, $14.95) provides an excellent military history and a revised edition to consider all aspects of a sniper's training, psychology, tactics, equipment and training. The major wars of modern times where snipers are profiled provide first-hand accounts from veteran snipers and does a fine job of documenting the importance of snipers in military operations. Any military library will find this packed with insights. Scott McGaugh's BATTLEFIELD ANGELS: SAVING LIVES UNDER ENEMY FIRE FROM VALLEY FORGE TO AFGHANISTAN (9781849085151, $24.95) provides the fine biography of one Jonathan Letterman, a Union surgeon during the Civil War credited with being the 'father' of American military combat medicine. He coordinated the first battlefield evacuation system, and along with others in the military developed battlefield medical techniques that saved lives. BATTLEFIELD ANGELS documents these key medical personnel and their life-saving efforts and will appeal to military and medical collections alike.
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Date:Nov 1, 2011
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