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The Milan International Fine Art & Antiques Show Palazzo per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente Via Turati 34, Milan, Italy 5th-13th April 2003.

This prestigious fair attracts a selection of some of the finest international art and antique dealers. APOLLO invited a few of them to submit photographs for inchesion in this supplement.

The attributions are the responsibility of the individual dealers.

Still Life by Panfilo Nuvolone (c. 1580-c. 1651). Oil on canvas, 50.5 x 48.5 cm Silvano Lodi, Milan


Two handled Meissen pot-pourri with cover in porcelain painted in the kakiemon pattern with the phoenix, 1730-35,. Cross swords mark on the base. Lukacs & Donath, Rome


A Woodland Still Life by Paolo Porpora called il Paoluccio. Oil on canvas, 120 x 169 cm. John Mitchell London


A Capriccio of Roman ruins with Marcus Curtius leaping into the Chasm by Gian Paolo Panini (1691/92-1765). Oil on canvas, 95 x 72.5 cm. Chaucer Fine Arts Ltd., London


Veneered and carved wood writing desk with ivory and tortoiseshell inlay by Pietro Piffetti (1700-1777). Turin 1740. Size: 88 x 131 x 64.5 cm. Carlo Orsi, Milan


Still Life by Juan Van Der Hamen y Leon (Madrid 1596-1631). Oil on canvas, 75 x 98 cm. Claudio Gasparrini, Rome


Study by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo of the bust of Giulio Contarini by Alessandro Vittoria. Red and white chalk on blue paper, 29.5 x 19.5 cm Pandora Old Masters, New York


Oxford: Art & Architecture

With a foreword by Lord Jenkins of Hillhead. An introduction to the collections of the Ashmolean Museum, the Sheldonian Theatre, the Bodleian Library, Christ Church Picture Gallery, Museum of Modern Art and other Buildings and Collections by eminent art & architectural historians. 82 pp, 73 col, 52 b/w ill. 305 x 238 mm. Paper ISBN 0 9522081 3 X 7.95 [pounds sterling] (+ 2.20 [pounds sterling] p&p)

Degas as a Collector

by Ann Dumas. Published in association with National Gallery Publications, to accompany an exhibition at the National Gallery in 1996 with a foreword by Neil MacGregor. 84pp, 41 col, 38 b/w ill. 305 x 238 mm. Paper ISBN 1 85709 131 0 7.80 [pounds sterling] (+ 2.20 [pounds sterling] p&p)

Decorative Arts from the Wernher Collection Ranger's House, Blackheath

Edited by Julius Bryant and David Ekserdjian Published in associated with English Heritage to celebrate the collection's new home. 54pp, 102 col, 8 b/w ill. 305 x 238 mm. Paper. ISBN 0 850 748411 7.80 [pounds sterling] (+ 2.20 [pounds sterling] p&p)

Camille Pissarro 1830-1903

A reprint of a special edition of Apollo concentrating on various aspects of this artist's work. Published to coincide with the exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1992. 5 [pounds sterling] (+ 2.20 [pounds sterling] p&p)

Also available

Venice in the 18th Century: Art, Architecture & Society A reprint of a special edition of Apollo published to coincide with "The Glory of Venice" exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1994. 5 [pounds sterling] (+ 2.20 [pounds sterling] p&p)

The National Trust Historic House & Collections Annuals 1993-1998, 2002 7.80 [pounds sterling] (+ 2.20 [pounds sterling] p&p) each

The National Trust: 100 Great Treasures Paper. ISBN 0 9522081 56 5 [pounds sterling] (+2 [pounds sterling] p&p)

The Royal Collection: A Golden Jubilee Celebration Edited by Jonathan Marsden and David Ekserdjian. 62 pp. Paper. ISBN 0 9522081 8 0 7.80 [pounds sterling] (+ 2.20 [pounds sterling] p&p)

The Earl & Countess of Arundel: Renaissance Collectors

The catalogue for an exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu in 1995. Written by David Jaffe and others. 44 pp, 11 col, 21 b/w ill. 305 x 238 mm. Paper ISBN 0 9522081 1 3 5 [pounds sterling] (+ 2 [pounds sterling] p&p)

The Museum of The Americas Dallas Museum of Art

The catalogue produced in 1993 for the opening of The Hamon Building and the Museum of the Americas at the Dallas Museum of Art. Written by Richard Brettell. 88 pp, 95 col ill, 24 b/w ill. 305 x 238 mm. Paper. 7.80 [pounds sterling] (+ 2.20 [pounds sterling] p&p)

Hogarth's Election Entertainment: Artists at the Hustings

Six articles and catalogue for an exhibition at Sir John Soane's Museum in 2001. Edited by David Bindman, David Ekserdjian and Will Palin. 36pp, 22 col, 18 b/w ill. 305 x 238 mm. Paper. ISBN 0 9537512 5 2 7.95 [pounds sterling] (+ 2 [pounds sterling] p&p)

Also available

A Rake's Progress: From Hogarth to Hockney

Catalogue for the 1997 exhibition ISBN 09522081 7 2.5 [pounds sterling] (+ 2 [pounds sterling] p&p)
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