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Articles from The Middle East (August 1, 2009)

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1 Aid and Power in the Arab World. Rhodes, Fred Brief article 200
2 Economic Liberalisation, Social Capital and Islamic Welfare Provision. Rhodes, Fred Brief article 107
3 Syria and Iran: Diplomatic Alliance and Power Politics in the Middle East. Rhodes, Fred Brief article 157
4 Very Simple Arabia. Rhodes, Fred Brief article 155
5 Field Guide to the Wild Plants of Oman. Rhodes, Fred Brief article 231
6 Afghanistan: Aid, Armies and Empires. Rhodes, Fred Brief article 112
A woman's work ... Yemeni businesswoman and parliamentary candidate Hoda Bulbul talks to The Middle East about her political ambitions, the rise of hardline preachers and the dangers of standing up to the Islamist opposition. Stanford, David Interview 1559
Adding insult to injury: the illegal Israeli land grabs continue in the occupied Palestinian territories, this time not of settler homes but to produce grapes--where Palestinian homes, orchards and olive groves once stood--to build a lucrative wine industry. Vesely, Milan 1063
Amr Al Dabbagh. Smith, Pamela Ann Interview 1738
Arabian horses: an enticing combination of beauty and investment potential: Arabian horses continue to fetch record prices at auctions around the world, with investors from the Middle East region still dominating at the top. Wells, Rhona 1533
As Egyptian as the sphinx? While Gulf Arabs wear their traditional dress with pride, in Egypt donning the local galabiyya is frequently looked on less than favourably. Golia, Maria 1156
Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo: Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo is the best drama, the US critics say, so far produced about the Iraq War. Its world premiere in Los Angeles was received with nationwide accolades. Twair, Pat Mcdonnell 721
Camel food-products find favour. Brief article 131
Cloud creation may have led to the rare rains in the eastern mountains of the UAE. Brief article 142
Comment. Lancaster, Pat 673
Exotic India: a land for all seasons. Wells, Rhona Country overview 1117
Expats' culture test. Brief article 183
Facebook is proving to be a full-time job for Sheikh Mohammed. Brief article 162
Flashpoint Hormuz: US and allies brace for trouble in the choke-point Strait of Hormuz, gateway to the gulf, as regional tension escalates. Blanche, Ed Cover story 2264
Foreign investors eye Saudi shares: government proposals to liberalise the Tadawul could open the door to international buyers to take part in Saudi share trading. Smith, Pamela Ann 999
From tallest building to underwater extravaganza. Brief article 143
Israel's Indian alliance: the Jewish state has become one of Hindu India's most important strategic allies, providing arms and intelligence in their common war against militant Islam. Blanche, Ed 1544
Kurdistan's $21-billion Oil Bonanza: Iraq's northern region, Kurdistan, is capturing billions of dollars in energy investments and industry sources say much more can be expected in the near future. Smith, Pamela Ann 2598
Morocco honoured at London business awards: small wonder, with all it has to offer, that Morocco has been attracting tourists from around the world for generations. In London, in July, the country was feted again when it was identified as North Africa's number-one tourist destination. 320
New challenges for GCC family businesses: a report by international management company, Booz, indicates that while the traditional GCC family business has much to recommend it, new economic circumstances are certain to throw up new challenges. Youssef, Ahmed 995
Protein power: by YMCA fitness training expert and nutritionist Clare Canning. Canning, Clare 596
Qatar aims for a stake in Porsche: hot on the heels of Abu Dhabi taking a chunk of Daimler, another iconic German car maker was being targeted by Gulf interests before a remarkable change of fortunes. Williams, Stephen 1052
Qatar's banks: navigating the storm: as one of the world's wealthiest nations, thanks to its role as the number-one exporter of liquefied natural gas, Qatar's banking sector is well placed to weather any fallout from regional private-sector defaults. Smith, Pamela Ann 1107
Sustainable energy: wherever you stand on the climate change debate (whether it is natural, driven by human activity, or even if it is happening at all) one thing is certain: fossil fuels will not last forever. Any economy that is based on a finite resource must plan for a future without it. And even the most hard-headed oil baron has to concede that, one day, his wells will run dry. Seymour, Richard 1817
The last word. Rosenberg, Anna 666
The view from Casablanca. Husseini, Reem Letter to the editor 321
The world's first camel-milk chocolate. Brief article 127
This month in history. Calendar 431
Top designers revamp the Islamic abaya. Brief article 93
What's Turkey up to? Karkouti, Mustapha 954
Workers go home. Karkouti, Mustapha 595

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