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Articles from The Middle East (August 1, 2007)

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A wonderful day? De Vries, Michelle Personal account 2620
Adieu Lebanon. Blanche, Ed 852
Arabian Flavours: Recipes and Tales of Arab Life. Rhodes, Fred Book review 191
Duplicitous double dealing. Frykberg, Mel 1286
Editorial comment. Lancaster, Pat Editorial 789
Egypt plays arbitrator: Egyptian diplomats are re-starting their efforts to bring Hamas and Fatah together again. But will they be seen by the Hamas powers-that-be as mediators or meddlers? In two special reports--from Cairo and Gaza--Jeff Black and Mel Frykberg analyse how these developments are likely to play out. Black, Jeff 1523
Egypt's "greenest of the green" at risk: the Zabaleen, Cairo's garbage recyclers are under threat. Mel Frykberg reports form Cairo. Frykberg, Mel 1280
Expect the unexpected: Milan Vesely reports on the simmering pot that is Lebanon and widespread fears, fuelled by rumour and suspicion, that the political situation is coming to the boil. Vesely, Milan 1096
Gas 'cartel' idea puts the cat amongst the pigeons: last month The Middle East discussed the early mixed messages emerging from the Gas Exporting Countries Forum in Doha, on the idea of a gas producers' cartel. In this issue Ed Blanche puts flesh on the bones of the idea that has led to considerable international anxiety and, in some cases, vehement opposition to the scheme that could reshape the global energy market. Blanche, Ed 2236
Guantanamo: What the World Should Know. Rhodes, Fred Book review 192
Gulf investors focus on Arab & African neighbours: the Arab oil producing countries in the Gulf are continuing to use huge financial surpluses from oil to increase their international investment portfolios with Arab and African neighbours increasingly the lucky recipients. Smith, Pamela Ann 2484
In the name of the father: in the wake of recent elections, Egypt's upper house of parliament looks very familiar, with the ruling party firmly in control. With apathy now more prevalent than activism, the only political issue that seems to interest Egyptians is if and how the president's son will take over the mantle of power. Eamonn Gearon reports from Cairo. Gearon, Eamonn 1132
Inside Hamas: The Untold Story of Militants. Rhodes, Fred Book review 196
People of "the book" just like us ... Luxner, Larry 1410
Persepolis: Marjane Satrapi's subversive masterpiece Persepolis seduces audiences in Cannes. Kadivar, Darius 1013
The battle for Iraqi oil: oil is money, money is power and power is politics, and nowhere more than in beleaguered Iraq. Now, the US wants the Iraqi government to introduce new legislation--a hydrocarbons law--to restore stability. But such legislation is more likely to further fracture the country, rather than usher in peace, as Ed Blanche reports. Blanche, Ed 2342
The enemy within: a series of terrorist attacks in Britain have put the UK security services on high alert and sparked intense emotional debate among Muslims and non-Muslims on how the threat posed by Islamic fanaticism can best be met. Darwish, Adel 1488
The kingdom's challenges: preserving recent gains for future generations. Siddiqi, Moin 2441
The Kurds In Iran: The Past, Present and Future. Rhodes, Fred Book review 198
The Shahids: Islam and Suicide Attacks. Rhodes, Fred Book review 191
The United States V.I. Lewis Libby. Rhodes, Fred Book review 197
Truth, or imagination in the shadowy world of Iraq: in the murky world of spy fiction, the antagonists and protagonists play out physical and mental chess games, their moves and countermoves enthralling the reader. But is truth stranger than fiction, reality more convoluted than make-believe? That could certainly apply to recent events between Britain and the United States on the one hand and Iran and the Iraqi government on the other. Vesely, Milan 1742
Turkey's AKP record landslide victory. Lancaster, Pat 582

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