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Articles from The Middle East (September 1, 2002)

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Abdel Rahman Badawi: philosopher, scholar, thinker and poet. (Obituary). Obituary 669
Acre: the Rise and Fall of a Palestinian City 1730-1831. Rhodes, Fred Brief Article 197
Arab banks targets of US bias? Arab banks in the US are walking a tightrope. While they serve as a vital conduit for movement of investment capital, they are also a potential target of anti-Arab bias. (Banking). Martin, Josh 1183
Arafat grapples with his `young guard': the emerging power struggle within the Palestinian leadership may signal the end of Yasser Arafat's 50 year reign. (Current Affairs). Blanche, Ed 1528
Bridging the economic gulf: Akel Biltaji, Chief Commissioner of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ), reports on progress at the ambitious new development 18 months after its official launch. (Aqaba Zone). Fenn, John Brief Article 981
Bulent Ecevit: between a rock and a hard place. (Current Affairs). Vesely, Milan Brief Article 510
Comment. Lancaster, Pat Editorial 610
Cyberspace: a 21st century diwan: the Internet is proving to be a valuable political tool and one which is playing an increasingly vital role in the Palestine-Israeli conflict. (Internet). Trendle, Giles Statistical Data Included 1484
Egypt LNG takes off: Egypt has jumped on the LNG bandwagon with enthusiasm. (Energy). Barnett, Neil Brief Article 1026
Exodus: many thousands of Kurds are fleeing their homeland for the prospect of new opportunities and the dream of a better life in western Europe. (Kurdistan). Kutschera, Chris Statistical Data Included 1507
Goodbye to a range of civil liberties: the controversy over the arrest and imprisonment of Professor Saadeddin Ibrahim continues. (Egypt). Darwish, Adel 603
Highways and Byways of Lebanon: a Comprehensive Guide. Rhodes, Fred Book Review 170
Israeli-Romanian Relations at the End of the Ceausescu Era. Rhodes, Fred Book Review 208
Letters from Oman: a Snapshot of Feudal Times as Oil Signals Change. Rhodes, Fred Book Review 167
Muslim investors find faith in stock markets; at last most Shari'ah scholars agree that buying and selling corporate stocks does not impinge upon Islam because stocks and shares represent real assets. Dividends comply with Shari'ah. (Investment). Siddiqi, Moin A Brief Article 1193
New Cairo museum to showcase ancient civilization: construction work has begun on an ambitious new museum on the plain of Giza. With completion scheduled by 2008, the new facility is expected to attract in excess of three million visitors a year. (Antiquities). Stalker, Ian Brief Article 882
Out of frying pan, into the fire? A general election later this year could bring about widespread political change in Turkey. But unless there is also reform there are no guarantees anyone will be any better off. (Turkey). Gorvett, Jon 1219
Ready for an IT revolution? Egypt is investing cash and considerable optimism in the development of a specialist IT village in Cairo. (Technology). Brown Guy Brief Article 871
Sabah Al-Salim Al-Sabah: Amir of Kuwait 1965-77 a Political Biography. Rhodes, Fred Brief Article 247
Saudi Arabia moves towards diversification. (Special Report). Ford, Neil Cover Story 5744
Saudi Cable Company: meeting today's challenge for Power & Telecommunications. Brief Article 775
Scents of time: drawing on Oman's perfumery heritage, Amouage launches its new fragrance Dia. (Perfume). Highet, Juliet Brief Article 1120
Sharon dodges war crimes lawsuit for now; Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon appears to have evaded justice over the massacres at Beirut's Sabra and Shatila refugee camps but his reprieve may be only temporary. (Israel). Blanche, Ed 1240
Sorting out Saddam: President Bush has warned Saddam Hussein he will be coming to get him and sooner rather than later. Is the Iraqi leader really on the cusp of unleashing a barrage of deadly chemical weapons on the world, or is he being made a scapegoat for America's thwarted ambitions in Afghanistan? (Current Affairs). Darwish, Adel 2028
The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity. Rhodes, Fred Book Review 332
The Control of Oil: East-West Rivalry in the Persian Gulf. Rhodes, Fred Brief Article 311
The making of a truly world-class airline. (Publi-Information). 1419
The quality of justice: in post-11 September America President Bush cites secrecy as a necessary evil in his war against terrorism. But is the US overstepping the mark? (USA). Vesely, Milan 952
Turkmenbashi the Great: rich and prosperous thanks to the discovery of massive oil and gas reserves, Turkmenistan is attempting to come to grips with modernity and its massive wealth. (Turkmenistan). Vesely, Milan 1068
Zillij: the Art of Moroccan Ceramics. Rhodes, Fred Book Review 165

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