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The Middle East.

The Middle East

By Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State

Text: Reviewed by David T. Jones

On December 3, 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed the seventh Manama conference in Bahrain, which annually discusses Gulf regional security and its urgent challenges. Clinton noted that the U.S. had enduring stakes in the region--and would stand by its allies. This cooperation is multifaceted, embracing political, economic, and social elements beyond pure security, leading Clinton to note they were "no longer Gulf partners ... [but] global partners."

Clinton elaborated on five "core principles" critical for maintaining Gulf security:

* Respect for national sovereignty. In this regard, Clinton focused in some detail on Iraq, urging cooperation and support by all Gulf nations for the emerging Iraq government;

* Security partnership. Essentially the question is whether the relationships help protect the people of the region. A good deal has been done, notably in Afghanistan (and Clinton commended specific allies) but much more is possible

* Freedom of navigation. The current problem is a plague of pirates--while successful attacks have declined by 20 percent in two years, the number of attacks has risen. The challenge must be addressed on land as well as on sea;

* Commitment to human security. A wide ranging topic including Clinton's standard emphasis on progress for women, but also noting challenges being faced by Yemen and the U.S. commitment to a two-state solution for Israeli-Palestinians; and

* Nuclear nonproliferation. Here Clinton addressed Iranian representatives present at the conference directly. She noted a soon forthcoming Geneva meeting on the Iranian nuclear program and, in standard terms, urged Iranian cooperation.

Two days of talks produced no discernable agreement beyond a decision to meet again in Istanbul in late January 2011.
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