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The Messy Monkey Tea Party.

The Messy Monkey Tea Party

Cheri Bivin Deich, author; Christina Genth, illustrator

Red Cygnet Press

11858 Stoney Peak Dr. #525, San Diego, CA 92128

1601080069, $15.95

The debut children's book of pediatric nurse Cheri Bivin Deich, The Messy Monkey Tea Party is a humorous picturebook about a young girl who has the exciting idea of inviting all sorts of animals to tea. But each animal encounters its own quirky difficulties at teatime, and the monkeys leave the biggest mess of all! "They swung from the trees and tossed dishes around / And were making a constant, low chattering sound. // They threw their cake and their cookies this way and that / Then plopped in a chair and finally sat. // The monkeys began tying napkins in knots / On their heads they balanced cups and tea pots." The colorful and exaggerated illustrations add the perfect visual touch to this playful children's book.
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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Date:Apr 1, 2007
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