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The Mesoamerican region; Southeastern Mexico and Central America.


The Mesoamerican region; Southeastern Mexico and Central America.



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OECD territorial reviews


The Territorial Development Policy Committee was created by the Organisation for Co-Operation and Development in 1999 for the purpose of reviewing national policies aimed at improving the economic competitiveness of regions. The Committee has now begun applying the national review methodology to multinational regions, including, as in this report, Southeastern Mexico and Central America. The report is divided into three parts that analyze the principal socio-economic indicators of the region; provide "inclusive development" policy recommendations regarding improving the region's human capital, firms' quality standards, and network between cities, as well a specific policies aimed at such sectors as tourism, agro-industry, light manufacturing, and logistics; and discuss governance issues of regional institutional reforms and means of strengthening administrative and planning capacity at the national and sub-national levels.

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