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The Melnychuks' hard work has paid off.

George and Patricia (Trisha) Melnychuk's arrival in Sudbury was, at first, disastrous.

Less than two weeks after moving to town, George was informed that his employer was closing all of its Canadian operations. The Melnychuks, who had just moved from Toronto, were in shock, having just left their families and friends behind.

Rather than returning home, however, the Melnychuks decided to stay and attempt to take over what George's former employer had left behind. Seeing a window of opportunity, they formed Northern Abcor Sales Inc., now known as Northern Abcor Process Equipment and Controls.

Fifteen years later George remains as president and Trisha as treasurer of the successful company. Their hard work and dedication has paid off, building a multi-million-dollar business which serves industry throughout Northern Ontario.

George Melnychuk started his career as a surveyor-draftsman for the City of Scarborough. He advanced to designer-draftsman of municipal roads and sewers.

Seeking a change, he later switched to retail sales, where he found the contact with people, marketing and purchasing very rewarding.

In 1973 Melnychuk took a job with Cessco International, a supplier of industrial and pipeline equipment. After the company folded in 1977, George and Trisha founded Northern Abcor.

Although George had little experience in the business, he sought as much technical training as possible from industry representatives and manufacturers. He says he spent a lot of time learning his business in the field and through factory training programs.


When Northern Abcor's product line expanded to include more process instrumentation systems, Melnychuk hired employees with training in that area.

Melnychuk says he enjoys "on-the-road selling" more than any other aspect of the business. However, running a company also requires spending time with administration and product development.

When asked about who he respects the most in business, Melnychuk responds by saying that he admires people who do business "in an honest, equitable and fair way, regardless of the size of business."

"When people make it, I hope they have done it solely due to their own efforts and ideas," he adds. "If they have done it fairly and honestly, they deserve full credit, as these are the type of people that make things happen."

Melnychuk's business colleagues, meanwhile, have deep respect for the company president.

For example, Paul Zahorec, the purchasing manager at E.B. Eddy, describes George Melnychuk as "a person that sets high standards for himself and his staff, and who runs a good ship."

Julian Belotti of Bailey Canada (a supplier to Northern Abcor) describes Melnychuk as a "dynamic individual and entrepreneur who has a lot of energy and is a happy person."

When asked to describe himself as an employer, Melnychuk says he is very demanding. His employees agree, however, they add that he is demanding in a good way. They say Melnychuk challenges them to do their best and treats them in a fair and ethical manner.

An entrepreneur at heart, Melnychuk is also the president and co-founder of Rezplast, a Sudbury company involved in the design and manufacture of industrial plastic products which are distributed across the country.

One of Rezplast's products, an emergency eyewash and shower system, was conceived and designed by Melnychuk and his staff in 1985.

When entering Melnychuk's office model cars and mallards are found in abundance. Melnychuk says he enjoys cars and some day would like to collect the real thing. He is also a fan of 1950s and 1960s music.

How do the Melnychuks like working together?

Both George and Trisha say the relationship has worked out quite well because of their separate roles in the company. George is the president and decision-maker, while Trisha is the treasurer and more of an advice-giver. She says she has never taken on an authority role in the business.

Trisha admits that she and George do not always see eye-to-eye on business matters. However, this can be beneficial because she is able to provide a different perspective to a particular problem.

In addition, because they are not only business partners but also husband and wife, they can read one another fairly well. This helps to avoid conflicts at work.

Trisha notes that she and George have been successful in separating their work from their personal lives, and they share a similar sense of humor.

Above all, Trisha says that she and her husband are best friends, more than anything else.

Sudbury Mayor Jim Gordon describes the Melnychuks as "outstanding individuals that are progressive, innovative and forward-looking."

The Melnychuk's have three children - an 18-year-old daughter named Lisa and, a 15-year-old son named Terry and a 13-year-old son named Christopher. Although not originally from Sudbury, George says he and his family now consider themselves northerners. They are proud of their community and they feel that Sudbury is a great place to bring up children.

The Melnychuks enjoy skiing, fishing and boating. George says the family spends a lot of time on the North Channel. He is also the head chef during the annual deer hunt at Barrie Island Lodge Inc.
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