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The Matthews saga continues.

The Matthews Saga Continues

Another branch of the Matthews/Crestwood Co. tree, Precision Business Forms, has just been chopped off.

With its doors closed now, PBF is supposed to close a deal Oct. 29 with Bank and Business Forms, selling its soul and customer base to the largest Arkansas-owned forms company.

The way we hear it what probably happened is Matthews drained the business of its precious cash as bad winds blew through the rest of the tree this year causing it to file for bankruptcy this September. Now they have to sell PBF to raise some dollars.

Bank and Business makes it clear they are buying assets, but not liabilities, and that's ruffled some feathers.

"They've hung me out for $8,500," says one PBF vendor. Apparently, he's not alone.

The company still owes salesmen's commissions and $40,000 worth of taxes. We hear the total liability number exceeds one million dollars.
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Title Annotation:Whispers; financial problems of Matthews/Crestwood Co.
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Oct 29, 1990
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