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The Martin Bauer Group - at home in the world of herbs.

Martin Bauer has been working with herbs for more than 60 years. Close ties with nature, careful processing of natural materials, progress and careful keeping of tradition characterize the Martin Bauer firm.

The history of the company began in 1930 when Martin Bauer could no longer make a living with hops and then started to specialize in medicinal herbs. This outlook on life put his name and the young company on its way and it is this philosophy which still holds true today. With strength and personal commitment, Martin Bauer developed into the No. 1 herb specialist in the world. Contacts also exist around the world as Martin Bauer is present in procurement as well as in outlet markets.

When asked about their products? "They cover the spectrum in all directions. Products that were cultivated to provide the consumer with satisfactory products of a high quality," said the company.

"Our partner is nature. Our natural products require constant attention and selection by intelligent minds and careful hands. Comprehensive growing consultation taking into consideration climatic influences and local factors are utilized. It is only in this way that we can reach our objective of acquiring standardized and normal starting substances.

The products in their large warehouses are stored in adherence of laws concerning foodstuffs and medicines. Clear batch documentation found its origin here, followed by sample taking via trained laboratory personnel.

Of course, warehouse logistics must be just right. Good observation, order and cleanliness are our commandments, says Martin Bauer. A warehouse area with 80,000 sq. meters is a guarantee that the firm can continually supply customers.

Their tea product range covers the entire spectrum of cuts: fine cut for infusion bags, and coarse cut for loose teas as well as specialized cuts of all kinds.

The company annually handles a volume of 25,000 tons.

In order to maintain the course of production necessary for this, many activities in the surrounding areas are necessary. In the laboratory area for example: Taking samples and analysis accompany products from the receipt of goods to the sale of withdrawal of goods. "We implement traditional testing processes such as oil defining devices or pharmacognosy via the microscope as well as the use of highly-modern gaschromatography and HPLC facilities. We make use of the examination methods of the most various pharmacopoeia as well as all of all scientific material available in the field of phytopharmaka."

"The objective of our product development department is to continually offer our customers new products and offer incentives. The new products must undergo comprehensive taste tastes, blind taste tests and stress tests. The criteria for selection are high. Only the best products will then be introduced to our customers.

"Our in-house processing technology is as equally as important as the laboratory and product development. A well-equipped technical school and for example CAD computer for planning activities are also part of this. Similarly, the MABA-PEX process was developed, tested and finally put into practice. This process is used with products infested with pests. Toxic substances have continually been used up to now. This can be performed, naturally, residual-free and environmentally safe with the MABA-PEX process."

Martin Bauer has always remained loyal to his objectives in the development of the company. A company group has arisen in these years which in addition to herbs, is also active in these areas: Production of herbal extracts for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and foodstuff industries; cultivation of tea as black tea, instant tea and decaffeinated tea; and cultivation of coffee as instant coffee, specially-treated coffee and decaffeinated coffee; trade and processing of vegetables and mushrooms.

The group presents itself in this way today. Each area was distributed to the firms belonging to the group: * Instant tea nad herbal extracts at Plantextrakt in Vestenbergsgreuth. * Pharmaceutical extracts at Finzelberg in Andernach near Koblenz as well as at Birkenweg in Kleinostheim near Aschaffenburg. * Coffee at ORV in Oldenbuttel near Bremen * The areas of herbs, black tea as well as foodstuff and cosmetic extracts are located in the parent company in Vestenbergsgreuth. Both of the main carriers of the group, Martin Bauer and Plantextrakt, are located there.

PHOTO : Inspecting herbs at Martin Bauer
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