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The Mark of Success.

It's 30 years since CMA began flying the flag for German food and drink in Britain -- and just look at them now

About CMA

The umbrella marketing organisation CMA, promotes German food and drink both domestically and internationally through 10 offices around the globe, from Japan to Russia and Spain to the USA.

As well as undertaking generic marketing campaigns for German food and drink, CMA also acts as a full-service organisation to importers, exporters and distributors involved in German food and drink. As the pivotal link in the business chain, it is the first point of contact for the German industry, its work being entirely funded by statutory levies payable by the growers and raw material producers.

CMA's UK branch, based in modern offices in Wimbledon, was set up in 1970 and this year celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Creating all the right links

With the number of companies currently on CMA's database as selling or exporting German food and drink to the UK, now heading towards 500, CMA's business to business links are impressive. Having worked with the major and regional multiples, independent trade, catering and food service arms of the food industry for 30 years, CMA has a foot in every door. For those selling German food and drink, the benefits are enormous. There is the chance to participate in generic German food and drink buyer forums, benefit from the CMA umbrella activities, and use the CMA marketing expertise.

CMA is also the first port of call for anyone interested in any way in German food and drink -- from suppliers wanting to track clown specific product sources, to distributors wishing to assess potential new markets, and the press requiring specific generic or product information.

CMA activities

In addition to employing the services of external PR and advertising agencies, CMA undertakes a wide range of marketing activities on behalf of its German exporters and UK importers and distributors, including:

* German pavilions at trade and consumer exhibitions

* Generic sales promotions & sampling events

* Trade buyer forums

* `Importer Wanted' features

* Internal communications

* Advice on market opportunities and an extensive market research library

* B2B links for anyone interested in German food and drink

* Advice on labelling requirements

* Generic food promotions and specific food and drink sector drives

Finger on the pulse

CMA constantly monitors the food market's movement and from its vast network of intelligence is able to spot trends ahead of time. The latest example of this has been the rise of organics, where Germany's expertise in this area coupled with CMA's intelligence on the UK market, has resulted in strong growth for German manufacturers. With the EC's highest per capita consumption of organic food and drink, Germany has an internationally well developed organic market. Indeed, it is the EC's largest producer of organic milk, and accounts for nearly a third of all organic European meat and dairy product sales.


This special supplement features some of the most dynamic companies in the frozen and chilled sectors of the German food industry and highlights a selection of their products. At a time when German food is particularly good value in the UK, and manufacturers and importers committed to creating a strong presence, there couldn't be a better time to sell German food and drink.

With dairy and meat products and sausages the main components of a thriving chilled sector in Germany, and frozen food also growing steadily, German manufacturers are looking to the international market for further sales success. Dairy products already account for an impressive 16% of total German food exports and meat products and sausages a further 9%. With the chilled and frozen sectors incorporating the traditional strength of German food -- premium quality and value for money -- there is real optimism for further growth in these areas.

And it is no accident that success to date has been founded on innovation and the willingness of manufacturers to respond to the changing needs of retailer and consumer alike.

A vast spectrum of chilled and frozen products produced in Germany will be on display in Dusseldorf this autumn when InterMopro/InterCool/InterMeat opens its doors from 24 to 27 September 2000. Across six halls German suppliers will be presenting everything from traditional products to modern convenience concepts, making this biennial fair a must for anyone involved in the chilled or frozen food sector. CMA's Export Service Centre, offering a range of services and business to business contacts, will once again be a buzzing meeting point and CMA staff are looking forward to welcoming international trade visitors.

30 Years of CMA

* In 1970 food and drink exports to the UK were worth just 18m [pounds sterling]. Thirty years on this figure has risen to 980m [pounds sterling], the equivalent of 1.4m tonnes of food and drink.

* Germany is now fourth largest producer of agricultural products worldwide -- and second largest in the EC.

* Germany is the EC's biggest producer of organic milk at 400m litres.

* German dairy products, meats, sausages and frozen foods are particular strong export products to the UK.

For more information, contact: CMA UK, 17a Church Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 5DQ. Tel: 020 8944 0484 Fax: 020 8944 0441
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