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The Many Lives of Academic Presidents: Time, Place, and Character.

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The American college presidency is examined, with attention to characteristics of those who become college presidents, how long they serve and where they go after leaving the presidency, and internal/external factors affecting their performance. The analysis is based in part on 800 interviews with presidents, their spouses, and other close associates that were undertaken for a 1984 report, "Presidents Make A Difference: Strengthening Leadership in Colleges and Universities." Brief notes on 24 college presidents illustrate the diversity of these leaders. Reasons presidents give for seeking/accepting and refusing presidencies are identified. The book also considers: experiences of new presidents; similarities between college presidents and corporate executives; general responsibilities of the executive group and board and core responsibilities of the president; skills required of the president; strategies and styles employed by presidents; historical trends affecting the presidency; external influences such as public regulation; internal influences such as student and staff input; four presidential models; and the context of 11 types of institutions. Appended materials include: advice offered by 16 presidents, attributes considered by presidential search committees, and a nine-page annotated bibliography. (SW)

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Author:Kerr, Clark; Gade, Marian L.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 1986
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