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The Manager's Guide to Service Excellence.

The Manager's Guide to Service Excellence

by Anne Petite In an increasingly technological age, the fact that business is about people dealing with people can be forgotten. Anne Petite's new book on the fine art of customer service provides managers everywhere, in any size or kind of business, with an understanding of this "people factor", and with the systems they'll need to implement and maintain a quality service program.

Service -- both within and between companies -- is going to be the key to the sophisticated competition of the nineties. The Manager's Guide to Service Excellence shows you how the right service attitude will improve employee performance keep your customers happy and directly affect your bottom line.

Using real companies and situations as examples, Anne Petite's analysis of the "fine art of customer service" will be tremendously useful. Each chapter is summarized, and followed up with interviews, anecdotes, dilemmas and points for discussion. The final chapter, "Implementing a Service Improvement Program", will help managers put the ideas and solutions discussed in the book into effect in their companies.

This book is used extensively in our office and the ideas work!
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Publication:Canadian Manager
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Date:Jun 22, 1990
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