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The Management of International Trade Promotion.

The Management of International Trade Promotion

In recent years several books have been published on international trade promotion, generally concentrating on a specific topic or issue. This book, however, provides a comprehensive analysis of trade promotion and stresses the need for an integrated approach to the development of effective international promotion strategies.

In the first three chapters the author shows the need for the elaboration of trade promotion policies, strategies and structures. Special attention is given to the role of export promotion organizations, chambers of commerce and industry, and trade associations in implementing export promotion strategies. An excellent coverage, supplemented by examples, describes in detail the functions, funding and activities of export promotion organizations.

The fourth and last chapter on export promotion operations gives specific techniques of product and market selection, the role of overseas commercial representation, international product promotion and export consortia. In view of the importance of the topics, it would have been more appropriate to stress the management aspects of export operations. For example, product and market selection techniques, although extremely well researched, are more relevant to market analysis than to trade promotion managers. The section could have been strengthened by emphasizing the management of trade information, including access to data-banks and running a computerized trade information service. Similarly, the section on the role of overseas commercial representatives could have included the management of commercial representation including the headquarters function and the coordination role of the commercial representative vis-a-vis other trade promotion institutions.

Throughout the book useful guidelines, checklists and references are given. A list of international trade promotion organizations is provided in the appendix.

Trade promotion officials, economic planners and senior staff of chambers of commerce and trade associations concerned with the development of trade promotion strategies will find the book a most valuable reference.
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Author:Cellich, C.
Publication:International Trade Forum
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Date:Jan 1, 1990
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