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The Man Who Planted Trees, a Story by Jean Giono.

The Paul Winter Consort is best known for composing and performing eco-music, especially compositions that incorporate whale and wolf songs. In this new tape see "AFA Today," page 14), the famed ensemble once again demonstrates a talent for creating music that haunts the soul. They accompany the resonant baritone of Robert J. Lurtsema, who is well known to public-radio aficionados in New England, doing a moving narration (unabridged) of Jean Giono's poignant and inspiring tale of a shepherd who singlehandedly transforms a piece of the earth by planting a forest.

To those of us who once lived up north, public radio anywhere else is just not the same without Lurtsema's literate inflections. And to those of us who have been associated with the environmental movement for a couple of decades, the Paul Winter Consort reverberates as the voice of the earth. It would be hard to envision a greater perfection than combining Lurtsema, Paul Winter Consort, and Jean Giono. If you love trees, this rendition will move you to tears of joy.
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Author:Davis, Norah Deakin
Publication:American Forests
Article Type:Sound Recording Review
Date:Nov 1, 1990
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