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Articles from The Mailer Review (September 22, 2011)

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"The White Negro" revisited: the demise of the indispensible hipster. Dahlby, Tracy Critical essay 4788
A floppy hat and a bench. Wiley, John 683
A formidable lady. Lennon, Donna Pedro Brief article 389
A perfect day. McNeil, Legs Essay 1028
A summer to remember. Mailer, Michael Essay 595
A tear shed into a Cup of Sorrows. Borkowski, Stephen Essay 1045
A ticket to the circus. Mailer, Norris Church Essay 11111
A tribute to Norris Church Mailer. Mailer, Danielle 632
A view through the prism. Mailer, Matthew Essay 2114
Almost the same: a dedication. Sias, Salina Essay 829
An unspoken toast. Mailer, Norris Church 1316
Beautiful. Mullins, Aimee 367
Candid snapshots of Norris Mailer. Michelson, Jeffrey 579
Cluster seeds and the Mailer legacy. Kaufmann. Donald I. Essay 5866
Contradictory syntheses: Norman Mailer's left conservatism and the problematic of "totalitarianism". Mantzaris, Alexandros Essay 3337
From here to eternity and The Naked and the Dead: Premiere to Eternity? Hicks, Alexander Critical essay 6910
Girls' Lunch at Cafe Blase. Mailer, Elizabeth Essay 1663
Grace notes. Borkowski, Stephen 367
Hemingway and women at the front: Blowing Bridges in the Fifth Column, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and other works. Moreland, Kim Critical essay 15795
I miss you. Lee, Sondra 486
Imagining evil: the sardonic narrator of Mailer's last novel. Busa, Christopher Book review 4125
In memoriam Norris Church Mailer a complex simple woman. Williams, John T. "Ike" In memoriam 667
In praise of a redhead. Stratton, Richard Essay 407
Last of the late romantics. Gordon, Andrew M. Book review 2500
Lip liner. Eugenia, Katrina 782
Mailer's mythmaking in an American Dream and "The White Negro". Sermeus, Martjin Critical essay 8393
Making masculinity and unmaking Jewishness: Norman Mailer's voice in Wild 90 and Beyond the Law. Cohen, Sara Jo Critical essay 7272
Melly and Scarlett. Stoynoff, Natasha Essay 545
Mom. Mailer, John Buffalo 697
My friend Norris. Leeds, Barry H. Essay 1535
Norman Mailer and the Novel 2.0. Lucas, Gerald R. Essay 6467
Norman Mailer bibliography: 2010. Zinck, Shannon L. Bibliography 2764
Norman Mailer today: this essay first appeared in commentary magazine in 1967. Toback, James Essay 7896
Norman Mailer: Playboy magazine heavyweight. Mitchell, Taylor Joy 7403
Norris Church Mailer and the Provincetown Theater. O'Malley, Brian 1089
Norris Church Mailer: a voice in the dark. Wolf, Guy Essay 899
Norris Church Mailer: an appreciation. Lee, Michael Essay 791
Norris Mailer. Collins, Nancy Essay 522
Norris Mailer. Rader, Dotson Essay 1030
Norris reminiscence. Radin, Sam Essay 560
Norris to me. Ludwig, Avram Brief article 343
Norris, my friend. Raymond, Dwayne Essay 1277
Norris: a memory. Culver, Bonnie Essay 2168
Our Lady of Provincetown. Pappas, Denise Doherty Essay 593
Overexposed: my first taste of filmmaking. Mailer, Michael Essay 921
Piling on: Norman Mailer's utilization of Marilyn Monroe: "what is it about Marilyn Monroe that obsesses you so?". Gladstein, Mimi Reisel Essay 6882
Reflections. Sipiora, Phillip Column 825
Reinventing a new wheel: the films of Norman Mailer. Rhodes, Gary D. Essay 4968
Remembering Norris Church. Bowers, John 739
Remembering Norris. Howard, Margo Essay 522
Remembering Norris. Mailer, Maggie Essay 1377
Remembering Norris: excerpts from an unpublished account of Norman Mailer's last days. Lennon, J. Michael Diary entry 5275
Rise above it. Ebershoff, David 476
Sister Mailer. Langlais, Rudy 481
Situating Hemingway: Mailer, style, ethics. Spinks, Lee 2751
Some thoughts about Norris. Wasserman, Barbara 360
The conception of irreversibility: Hannah Arendt and Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants". Yirinec, Jennifer Critical essay 2163
The devil's party: reading and wreaking vengeance in the castle in the forest. Peczenik, Fannie Critical essay 5865
The living room show. Brown, Karen Short story 5418
The memorable Norris. Olshaker, Mark Essay 866
The Norris I knew. Busa, Christopher Essay 1671
The way we were. Mailer, Susan Essay 563
They were perfect together. Schiller, Lawrence Essay 1022
Through the lens of the beatniks: Norman Mailer and modern American man's quest for self-realization. Chandarlapaty, Raj Essay 6046
Tolls of war: Mailerian sub-texts in For Whom the Bell Tolls. Broer, Lawrence R. Book review 2942
Trust. Cetrano, Sal Essay 1475
Twins. Huston, Aurora 490
What would be the fun of that? Alson, Peter 558

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