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The Magicians.

Syfy's "The Magicians," an adaptation of Lev Grossman's trilogy of acclaimed fantasy novels about isolated and intellectually gifted adolescents trying to figure out how to connect with one another, and see the wonder, danger and possibility beyond their individual concerns, rushes pell-mell into the books' plots, and moves around a few of their most prominent elements, rearranging the story's foundations. Yet in the drama's first two episodes, an over-reliance on mechanically contrived incident hinders the show's ability to create the kind of emotional intensity and intelligently wrought suspense that were the hallmarks of the novels, and in certain key roles, some actors fail to create a spell.

EXEC PRODUCERS: Michael London, Janice Williams, Sera Gamble, John McNamara

CAST: Stella Maeve, Summer Bishil, Hale Appleman, Jason Ralph, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Arjun Gupta, Anne Dudek

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Author:Ryan, Maureen
Article Type:Television program review
Date:Jan 19, 2016
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