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The Mabley Archive Sharing a poem to celebrate 80th birthdays.

Byline: Jack Mabley December 8, 1995 Glenview's own

Frank Sinatra will become 80 next week. One of his main songs has a line "the best is yet to come."

Bob Paddock (Sr.), one of my bosses, gave me a poem that one of his bowling partners, Bob Burghard, of Arlington Heights, wrote after I observed my 80th.

It came too late for my celebration, but it is just right for Sinatra's.

Ode To My Eighties

When I was 80 and looked at the sun

I wondered aloud, "Will I see 81?"

Eighty-one came, and out of the blue,

I wondered again, "Will I see 82?"

And looking back now, it's easy to see

I could surely expect to see 83.

To some, that's enough, but for me there was more.

I bowled in two leagues at age 84.

I looked around when I reached 85

And wonder of wonders, I'm still quite alive.

At 86, like out of a book

I heard those nice words, "How young you look."

Then all of a sudden, like bread out of heaven

I now made the goal of age 87.

I couldn't say nothing, I just had to wait

To tell the whole world I had passed 88.

Now it's easy to see that the next one in line,

My birthday just passed was a young 89.

And this will bring my tome to an end

As I celebrate years four score and ten.

Robert Burghard

Our birthday message to Sinatra: join a bowling league.

* * *

I keep a notebook beside me when I'm watching TV (mostly news and sports).

Notes: It's interesting to watch Indiana basketball games just to see Coach Knight abuse his players. He rules his teams by terror. It used to work when he won championships, but it doesn't seem to be effective with today's crop of athletes.

Advertisers pay tons of money to prominent people to appear in their commercials. I'm not sure of their line of thinking. Can we be like Mike if we buy a Chevy? Are he and Candice Bergen simply terrific salespeople? Is Sprint really better than AT&T just because Candice keeps telling us it is, and we can't hear that pin drop?

It can work in reverse. Deion Sanders, one of the ugliest of all pro football players, is in a commercial with Dallas' Jerry Jones, the ugliest of all football team owners. I don't mean physical ugly. Personality ugly.

I will avoid eating at the place they're touting because they're repulsive. I wonder if they eat there?

NBC sent a crew to Snohomish, Washington, to do a story on the flooding. Shots of rampaging rivers, leaking dikes, damaged homes and towns and displaced persons make dramatic viewing.

Here's what NBC showed. 1. A talking head of a reporter saying the flood was bad. 2. A shot of a Red Cross man getting into a Red Cross van. 3. A shot of the van driving through a puddle. 4. The talking head again saying the flood caused a lot of damage and back to you Brian.

Brian Williams of NBC showed up in Germany wearing a trench coat with epaulets.

Why do the star correspondents wear trench coats with epaulets? Did Edward R. Murrow set the fashion in WWII? Does an epaulet have any function other than decorating a shoulder?

This was in a newspaper, not on TV. An interviewee was described by the reporter as "power smoking a cigarette."

What is the difference between smoking a cigarette and power smoking a cigarette?

There's a lot of nonsense out there.

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Author:Jack Mabley December 8, 1995 Glenview's own
Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Jun 10, 2021
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