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The MS Autobiography Book: An Anthology of Autobiographical Prose and Verse Written by Persons Who Have Multiple Sclerosis.

This book is a collection of the triumps and tragedies of people battling a horrible disease. The stories are truly those heard at any MS support group meeting. They follow a familiar thread known to many of us in the MS world. People write about the wait for diagnosis and about hospitals, doctors, and treatment side effects. Others detail their symptoms, and their struggles to overcome or compensate for them. The poem about pain will give chills of acceptance to many of us. Most of all, members of this special support-group-in-a-book talk about human emotions. There are accounts of struggles with self-esteem, depression, fear, and loneliness, and stories of love, acceptance, and victory.

The MS Autobiography Book is excellent reading for people with multiple sclerosis, their partners and friends, or for anyone who wants to hear the word "courage" redefined.
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Author:Zager, Helen
Publication:Inside MS
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 22, 1993
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