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The MRS Warned of Avalanche Danger in the Mountains.

The degree of avalanche danger in the Balkan Mountains, Pirin, Rila and Vitosha Mountains is significant, the Mountain Rescue Service said, quoted by FOCUS News Agency.

The MRS recommends that tourists in the mountains move only by winter markings, keep up-to-date with weather conditions and take them into account when they are planning their route.

In the mountainous part of Stara Planina, the conditions for tourism are good, and in the middle there is a fog. There is also a fog in the high parts of Pirin as well as in the region of Cherni Vrah. Rila has low clouds and no fog in the highest parts. The conditions for hiking there are relatively good. Lift facilities work everywhere.

Temperatures in the mountains are relatively high. The lowest is the temperature of Mount Musala - minus 5-6 degrees.

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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Date:Mar 6, 2018
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