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The MNA union difference!

Your MNA labor family continues to grow as the nurses at the Anti-Coagulation Clinic at St. Patrick's Hospital recently organized with us! We welcome this new local and are excited to help them bargain their first contract!

As we currently have active organizing campaigns in Montana, I wanted to share the difference the organized (unionized) nurses see with a collective bargaining agreement or contract.

Your MNA labor department continues to work hard to improve your working environment and to increase your voice in patient care for you and your patients. Questions? Please call MNA at 406-442-6710.
                Without an MNA Union       WITH an MNA Union Contract

MNA          The employer makes all        Staffing levels are
Bylaws       staffing decisions without    negotiable! Either through
Chair        nurse input, without your     negotiations directly or
             expertise regarding safety    through Labor Management
             or acuity.                    Committees, we work to
                                           include nursing input in
             * How do you like their       staffing levels!
             staffing decisions so far?

Fairness     Without a contract, the       A union contract defines
             employer cannot be held       all benefits, discipline,
             accountable to any standard   scheduling, etc.; therefore
             of fairness; there is no      your contract assists with
             guarantee of equal            creating equity! It
             treatment among nurses.       requires your employer to
                                           be fair, and standards are

Discipline   Without a contract,           Under "just cause"
             discipline can be             discipline standards, the
             arbitrary, or instituted      employer is obligated to
             without cause. Discipline     have reasonable rules,
             can be inequitable, harsh     apply them fairly, conduct
             for minor offenses, and       fair investigations, and be
             sometimes conducted in        reasonable in disciplinary
             public.                       action.

             During discipline, the        Nurses have Weingarten
             employer and nurse are        rights--rights allowing a
             typically alone, leaving      nurse to have union
             the nurse without             representation or a nurse
             representation (without       advocate present during an
             Weingarten rights)--          investigatory meeting--a
             creating a non-defensible     second set of eyes & ears!

             Once unfair discipline is     Unfair discipline can be
             imposed, the nurse has        challenged and grieved
             little recourse.              through the contractual
                                           grievance procedure.

Benefits     Employer can change or        A union contract guarantees
             eliminate your benefits at    and defines your benefits
             any time, without your        as YOU negotiate them. You
             consent! This can include     determine your priorities,
             changing your health          elect a bargaining team
             insurance (paying higher      among your colleagues, and
             premiums for less             bargain together. What you
             coverage); modifying          negotiate is enforceable
             differentials, PTO or         and cannot be changed or
             earned time accrual, and      modified without your
             call-pay; or requiring        consent.
             mandatory overtime without
             additional pay.

Wages        The employer determines and   With a contract, we
             sets wages, usually with no   negotiate wage scales that
             regard to seniority or        respect seniority and
             skillset, creating inequity   experience, and bargain
             in wages and experience.      guaranteed longevity
                                           increases. A wage scale
                                           creates equality in
                                           compensation and allows you
                                           the knowledge to live
                                           knowing how your wages will
                                           increase from year to year,
                                           or with additional

What you     Without a union contract--    Nurses have a collective
need to      the employer will continue    voice! The employer must
know         to make changes               negotiate with you and
             unilaterally, with no         listen to the MOST TRUSTED
             accountability and without    PROFESSIONALS in the U.S.!
             NURSING input.
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Title Annotation:Labor Reports and News
Author:Haux, Robin
Publication:The Pulse
Date:Aug 1, 2016
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