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The Loyalist Quill.

Some of us know about the Loyalists through casual family references to "You come from Loyalist stock" and become curious enough about this reference to their distant past to join an organization that focuses on ancestral research such as the UELAC. Others inherit the research already done by dedicated family members. The common denominator is curiosity: the desire to know more about the life and times, the desires and motives, the difficulties and dangers faced by our generations past. To satisfy our appetite for knowledge and understanding, we feel an urgency to capture as much information as we can gather before it disappears. True researchers advocate for the preservation of historical data, monuments, and buildings: the footprint of lives past. "Living the History" is the emerging theme of this issue of The Loyalist Gazette.

In book format, we see writers, like Cynthia Young UE, Tom Raub UE, and Kathie Ryckman Anderson, exploring print records of family members in the pursuit of accurate information. You will meet Mark Gallop of Heritage Branch proudly announcing a distinguished home and repository for Loyalist books and materials.

In monument format, we will read about Jim McKenzie's passion for refurbishing the gravestones of his ancestors, or Stuart Manson's Loyalist Burial Site Commemoration project: an outreach project of the St. Lawrence Branch. We see opportunities to become involved in the Johnson Hall Restoration project as Friends of Johnson Hall restore this historic Loyalist landmark.

In digital format, sometimes overlapping with an immersive format, the reader can learn about the new film maker partnership with the UELAC Scholarship fund to produce The Good Americans. This is a project that you and your Branch may be able to be a part of.

Lastly, give yourself the opportunity to attend a UELAC conference and meet many people like yourselves. Immerse yourself in the Loyalist experience and the history of our Capitol City, Ottawa.

I hope that you are inspired by the articles that you read in this issue of The Loyalist Gazette, written by people just like you who have something to celebrate or inform our readers about. Take up your "Loyalist Quill" and send us your stories, anniversaries, new Certificate recipients, Branch celebrations, books that helped you in your research...we welcome your submissions.

Jennifer De Bruin UE, is the Publisher, responsible for the production, design and layout, of The Loyalist Gazette, and the Designer of the Gazette is Amanda Fasken UE, while I continue to be its Editor, responsible for gathering and editing the content of each issue of the magazine, before sending it on to the Publisher and Designer, then doing a final proof-reading before it goes to the printer.

Doug Grant UE is the Editor of the excellent UELAC e-mail newsletter, Loyalist Trails. To subscribe, contact him at: loyalist.trails "at" All paid-for advertising for the Gazette should also be sent to Doug.

The Loyalist Gazette, "the window to the world for the UELAC," may contain viewpoints in some submissions that do not necessarily reflect the philosophy of the UELAC or this Editor.

I am always thankful for your feedback and suggestions to ensure that we continue to maintain our high quality. Remember:

Teamwork Encourages

Active Members !!!

Loyally yours,

Robert Collins McBride [Bob]

UE, B.Sc., M.Ed.

Editor of The Loyalist Gazette and UELAC

Publications Chairperson.

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Author:McBride, Robert Collins
Publication:The Loyalist Gazette
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Mar 22, 2019
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