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The Love Song of Gottingen Street. (4th Annual Poetry Competition Winners).

The Love Song of Gottingen Street

David Woods

Own me,
Be my cross--
My country--
I will have no passion
No lover--
except you.
Your black loins,
Your handsome princes,
Your beautiful melodies.

I will be your fetus--
Enduring bellied tortures,
I will be your midwife too--
Pulling your dreams to beautiful birth,
I will walk in your traffic,
Watching the silent wait of your five o'clock eyes.

And I will go along Cunard Street--
Where Citadel Hill Stands on guard over you,
There I will talk with your young whores,
We will discuss beauty and the betrayal of love.
Then up to Uniacke Street to sit among your pushers,
I will ask them what is it they dreamed
when they were young,
And why do they now choose death.
I will play basketball with your late-night children on
Brunswick Street.

It is autumn,
My mood is deliberate,
I have an idea--
Let me take you home,
Bathe your body, towel your nakedness,
We will drink wine and have intelligent conversation,
There will be a good book for your pushers--

Art lessons for your beautiful women--
New suits for your winos.

I will train you with my Dalhousie BA,
I will teach you self-love and economics,
I will tell you of the long love affair I have had
with your soul--
And how you are more beautiful
than you know.

And when I am done with these lectures,
Let us return to the streets
Sporting new clothes and new ambitions,
We will pick up the morning paper
and lugh at what is said about us,
And make fun of this pale generation that is saying it,
We will strut past the business crowds,
Upsetting their morning conversations.

And when the evening comes
And we grow tired of our parade-
Let us sneak into the Afterhours Club behind Portland Place,
Where you, my friend will teach me how to dance.

* Notes

Gottingen Street - The main thoroughfare in the north-end of Halifax,
where most of the city Black Population lives.

Cunard, Uniacke, Brunswick Streets - Streets surrounding Gottingen
Street collectively knwon as the 'Black' area of the city.
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Author:Woods, David
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 1999
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