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The Lorenzi Group creates order from computer chaos.

Ten years ago, if someone told me that The Lorenzi Group. would be a leader in computer forensics and data security, I would have thought they were crazy. 1 didn't even know what computer forensics was back then. Like many other start-ups, we were trying to do it all IT services, Web design, electronic job boards, and a few other ideas too.

Two short years later, we dumped the other services and jumped into computer forensics. As The Lorenzi Group became more involved with computer forensics, we built relationships with vendors, other computer forensics experts, litigators and business executives. The technology got better and so did our services.

Today we analyze everything from servers and laptops to iPhones and Xboxes to automobiles. And our services are not stopping here. Someday, we'll be able to examine your refrigerator to find out who ordered the wrong juice.

Earlier this year, The Lorenzi Group took another giant leap forward and launched our Active Network Monitoring service. This service is turning computer security upside-down! The Active Network Monitoring service proactively monitors client networks for anomalies such as data breaches, inappropriate downloads, time wasters, bandwidth and more. This means that, in most instances, our clients are receiving information while something is happening.

Traditionally, companies have to wait weeks or months before discovering that information was stolen. Active Network Monitoring notifies clients within hours, sometimes minutes. We know of no other service commercially available that offers this level of security and reassurance.

Additionally, we generate detailed activity reports for operations executives, compliance officers, risk assessment managers, and human resources executives alike.

We are very excited about the future and helping clients secure their data, increase productivity and improve compliance. With our new Active Network Monitoring service, we'll have your company prepared, productive and protected.





Robert Fitzgerald is the President and Founder of the Lorenzi Group. Nationally recognized as a Computer Forensics and Data Security Expert, Robert has worked with organizations and individuals to improve security and reduce fraud. As an expert, he and The Lorenzi Group have analyzed terabytes of data and presented evidence in hundreds of matters. Additionally, Robert speaks on data security and digital forensics topics around the country. He has been interviewed by numerous media outlets including television, radio, and newspaper journalists.

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Author:Fitzgerald, Robert
Publication:New Hampshire Business Review
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Date:Apr 22, 2011
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