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The Lord of the Rings: Part 2: the Two Towers.

J.R.R. Tolkien, 1981/2001. Full cast. Abridged. 4 cds. 4 hrs. Random House Audio. 0-7393-0119-5. $27.50. Jewel case: content, author notes. JSA*

This is another fine dramatization of Tolkien (see review of NPR versions, KLIATT, July 2002) and has all the same merits as the NPR version: a large and talented cast, excellent use of sound effects, and a vivid and engaging presentation. Adapted by Brian Sibley for a BBC radio play presentation ( rings), this version makes extensive use of music throughout, including ballad versions of several songs and a symphonic background; and the final disk provides a soundtrack compilation.

In comparison to the NPR production, this edition treats the listener to a slightly greater depth of emotion and character development. More of the minor plot points of the novels have been retained as well. Some listeners may have a few quibbles with Aragorn's lisp, which can detract from his "kingliness," and Frodo's tendency to snarl rather than to be nobly long-suffering, but overall this is a splendid production and, like NPR's enjoyable version, also an excellent alternative for the aural learner. Carol Reich, Youth Svcs., Hillsboro PL., Hillsboro, OR
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Author:Reich, Carol
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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