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The Long-Range Atmospheric Transport of Natural and Contaminant Substances.

This book is Volume 297 of Series C (Mathematical and Physical Sciences) of the NATO ASI Series. It represents the proceedings of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop held at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc. in St. Georges, Bermuda from 10 to 17 January 1988. Workshop participants were divided into working groups charged with discussing the chemical species classes of acids, trace elements, organics and mineral aerosols, with the objective of assessing the current state of knowledge about emissions, transport, transformation and deposition of each particular chemical class. The focus was on long range transport, i.e., 1,000 kilometres and longer.

Prior to the workshop, background papers were prepared for each of the working groups. These papers, together with case studies and distillations of the work group discussions form the content of this book. Prefacing the material for the compound classes is a general discussion of large scale meteorological regimes, and the processes that lead to transport of chemicals in the atmosphere.

This book is useful and valuable for the material that it collects together, and for the fact that it does so at considerable depth. In particular, it contains information that is often not generally accessible, including discussions of transport processes over Europe, the Pacific Ocean, and other areas of the world, which are not often discussed by scientists in North America. It is also important for its strong section on the emission, transport, transformation and deposition of organic compounds. This is currently a very important area of research because toxic organic chemicals can be transported over very long distances, yet it is difficult to find information on the processes taking place. In fact, the discussion goes further than a mere discussion of processes, and the book represents a useful compilation of chemical and physical parameters for the compounds involved.

Because the workshop took place in early 1988, the material presented in the book is at least five years old. However, the depth and breadth of coverage mean that this still a very useful addition to the library of anyone who is involved in any way with the transport and deposition of pollutants, even for those whose prime interest is not in the very long range scale.
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Author:Reid, Neville
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
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Date:May 1, 1993
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