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The Life and Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: An Annotated Bibliography, 3 vols..


The life and presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt; an annotated bibliography; 3v.

Hendrickson, Kenneth E.

Scarecrow Pr.


1254 pages




Hendrickson (history, Midwestern State U.) lists 9,860 books, chapters in books, scholarly articles, and doctoral dissertations covering all aspects of life during the Roosevelt presidency and materials on Franklin Roosevelt himself and his family. Most of the entries are annotated with brief, occasionally evaluative, descriptions of content. The material is presented topically, with the first volume covering Franklin Roosevelt; major aspects of his presidency; political, military, and diplomatic personalities; agriculture, business, industry, labor, the economy, and veterans affairs; and the arts, culture, health and welfare, and science and technology. The second volume provides coverage of civil rights, civil liberties, politics, public opinion, and the Supreme Court; pre-war foreign affairs; diplomacy, strategy, and the home front during World War II; and bibliographies, documents, and general reference works. A subject index and an author index are provided in the final volume. Both of these volumes contain a detailed chronology and a brief introductory essay on Roosevelt's life and presidency. The collection process for the materials ended in 1994 and battle literature on World War II was omitted in the interests of conserving space.

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