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The Letter.

 It's a desperate satisfaction a cleanse (no hope in getting at
this) paramount as if in record glowing or the abandonment or else
being followed doneness habit and guilt another decade wiling
outward a song mislaid misremembered so then I try again and find
myself in the atrium letter unfolded through a tiling near the
fountain in the airport I think being uninfluenced but reacting
categorical bracketedness inflection hello it read and then went on
the grasses swaying it has been long here it read like sickness
like ringing like shallows like blue like fabulism like confession
balance of intention no wait yes wait specks of dust on the image
what everybody en route the sound of it better distance to describe
let be gone in nearness claimed indicated inked binding no question
or no question considered see this is like a joke it is something
to understand as funny the there here the never always a bird
inside the atrium caught in the letter and toward me qua thereness
it is there along with alongside watch always always watch listen I
was telling it how it is how it came to be.

Ryo Yamaguchi is the author of The Refusal of Suitors, published by Noemi Press. His poetry has appeared in journals such as Denver Quarterly, Gulf Coast, and the Bennington Review, and his book reviews and other critical writings can be found in outlets such as the Kenyon Review and Michigan Quarterly Review. He lives in Seattle, where he works at Wave Books. Please visit him at

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Title Annotation:TWO POEMS
Author:Yamaguchi, Ryo
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jul 1, 2019
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