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The Legend of the Old Man of the Mountain.

The Legend Of The Old Man Of The Mountain

Denise Ortakales & Robert Crawford

Sleeping Bear Press

10911 Technology Place, San Diego, CA 92127

1585362360 $17.95 1-800-231-5163

Enhanced throughout with the memorable artwork of Robert Crawford, Denise Ortakales' The Legend Of The Old Man Of The Mountain recounts the legendary story of the Mohawk Indian Chief Pemigewasset and his love for the maiden Minerwa. The marriage of the chief and his wife brought peace for many years. But when Minerwa left to visit her dying father, Chief Pemigewasset had to stay behind. He waited steadfast, devoted to her, yet she did not return. When winter fell he continued to wait despite the bitter cold, and though his people feared for him, he would not go back on his word to Minerwa. At last the Great Spirit claimed the chief; his people buried him facing in the direction Minerwa had left, so that he could gaze upon her when she returned. Amazingly, the very profile of Pemigewasset became immortalized within the cliff, and his visage gazes out to this day. A powerful and moving tale of unyielding devotion, strikingly illustrated in cool tones.
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Date:May 1, 2005
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