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The Legend of Peli Claus, Savior of Christmas.

The Legend of Peli Claus, Savior of Christmas Nolan "Joey" Pellerin, author Stefan Jolet, illustrator self published by BookMasters, Inc. 30 Amberweed Parkway, Ashland, Ohio 44805 9780615318769, $19.95,

"The Legend of Peli Claus, Savior of Christmas" is a beautiful Christmas legend about how a sad, sick pelican in the swamps of South Louisiana became the special assistant for Santa Claus to help deliver mail and gifts to children of the swamplands after a terrible hurricane had destroyed much of the usual support, supplies, and resources. Santa finds the sick, weeping pelican in the only spot he can find to land his sleigh in the flooded swamps. He rescues the starving pelican, named Peli, with his magic reindeer feed corn. In return, Peli offers to fly to inaccessible homes and areas where he can land but Santa can't, to deliver mail and gifts. Santa accepts Peli's offer to help, determined to deliver the reasonable gift requests of all the children, plus a little something extra,(lagniappe, in Creole). So Peli brings Christmas to the suffering children of the swamps of Louisiana, and he becomes known as Peli Claus, Savior of Christmas. The lagniappe, or something extra for the children, is a little stuffed brown pelican wearing a red stocking cap embroidered with the words "Peli Claus, Savior of Christmas." Charming illustrations with somber hues and hints of brightness convey the message of the story, and the children and families are so happy that Santa has not forgotten them. Blessed with immortality, Peli Claus flies again in later (recent) years to deliver special gifts of good cheer to children in the Gulf Coast region after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The ending is intriguing, "To Be Continued ..."

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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Dec 1, 2011
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