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The Learning Gallery.

France may have the Louvre, England the Tate and Spain the Prado. But, Seekonk High School has the Learning Gallery. Under the direction of the art staff, students from grades nine through twelve turned a dark, empty corridor into a learning space.

First, we discussed themes. Then, we developed a timeline that represented all the major art movements from prehistoric times to the modern day. From Botticelli to van Gogh, the goal of the program is to highlight the major contributors of these periods.

The Creative Process

The advanced studio students, worked individually and painted panels measuring 26 x 46" (66 x l 17 cm). General art students worked on their panels in pairs. Beginning level classes used a puzzle system in which each student enlarged, painted and reassembled small sections. All the work was completed in acrylic paint. Students had the option of reproducing the copy freehand or using a grid for enlarging.

Students then masterfully capsulated brief overviews of each artist and the period which she or he represented. They described artists, lives, the style in which they painted and the period that influenced their work. This information accompanied each painting, allowing viewers to look, read and learn about the artists their peers had researched, studied and imitated.

A Mesmerizing Display

The once-empty walls now glow with twenty-six paintings, making this area a focal point of the school. Students who once rushed through the corridor now linger to look and reflect on the different styles and approaches to art.

The graduating class donated funds for additional lighting, a gallery sign and a dedication plaque that included a quote from Rene Magritte: "Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist."

Nancy P. Corrigan is an art teacher at Seekonk High School in Seekonk, Massachusetts.
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Title Annotation:Seekonk High School in Seekonk, MA
Author:Corrigan, Nancy P.
Publication:School Arts
Date:Jan 1, 1996
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