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The Learning Company Launches Let's Start Learning! for Building Essential Preschool Skills; New All-in-One Software is the Entry Point to the Reader Rabbit Series.

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 27, 1995--The Learning Company (NASDAQ:LRNG) today announced Let's Start Learning! -- the one early learning program parents will want if they want it all in one.

With this new CD-ROM software, which is available now for Macintosh and Windows personal computers, children build preschool skills with letters, numbers, shapes and patterns through interactive play. In addition, Let's Start Learning! encourages multisensory learning on and off the computer through five original songs and joyful audio, and with delightful graphics and animation.

Designed for children ages two through five, Let's Start Learning! is now the entry point to the best-selling Reader Rabbit series of software programs. In this "all-in-one" program, Reader Rabbit and friends lead children through a wondrous, interactive playworld. Five engaging activities build essential preschool skills, providing a solid foundation for reading, math and thinking skills.

Because of the importance of large-motor skills at this young age, Let's Start Learning! encourages multisensory learning with a "movement spot" that guides children to jump, stretch, dance and sing in addition to play at the computer. A song button brings to life an original song for each of the five activities. To continue the learning and fun, the songs can be played on any CD audio system.

"The strong, multisubject educational content of Let's Start Learning! combined with multisensory play fosters confidence and an early love of learning," said John Stacey, vice president of Marketing and Sales for The Learning Company.

"For parents wondering what software to buy for their preschoolers, Let's Start Learning! is both a great start to learning as well as a great start to The Learning Company's comprehensive system of learning products."

In each of the Let's Start Learning! activities, children progress through four challenge levels -- discover, build, apply and play -- with each level focused on developing key learning concepts. Once children master the learning essentials in Let's Start Learning! they are ready to move on to other programs in The Learning Company's Reader Rabbit series.

As children begin the program, they are greeted by Mat the Mouse, who introduces them to Reader Rabbit and the carousel pony. Mat invites the children to take a pony ride to the Learning Kingdom, but first they must complete all four levels of each activity to earn special keys to unlock the pony. As children set out to collect the keys, engaging skill-building activities with progressively challenging levels provide hours of learning and fun: -0-

-- Counting Club: In this musical introduction to the world of numbers, Ali the Counting Cat guides children as they learn counting, number recognition and simple math. Friendly frogs, turtles, snakes and Wheel Bear wiggle, dance, jump and whirl together or one by one with the click of the mouse.

-- ABC Diner: Reader Rabbit serves up essential skills as children progress from matching letters to recognizing letters and their sounds to identifying first-letter sounds. Ed the Dog rewards correct answers with his silly antics, while a creature hiding behind the counter enjoys eating the wrong answers.

-- Shape Shack: By helping Mit the Monkey classify his toys, children solidify skills fundamental to reading, science and thinking. In this playful sorting activity, children learn to classify by color, shape, category and sound, progressing from single- to multiple-attribute sorting games as they advance through the activity levels.

-- Pattern Parade: Ben the Ant and his ragtag band of colorful pigs, foxes and bears lead a parade of patterns. This rousing, rhythmic activity encourages children to identify and create patterns based on color, size and sound. The correct answer is rewarded with a musical blast, while a wrong answer causes the band member to float away on a colorful balloon, encouraging children to try again. -0-

Back at the carousel, children can click on the movement spot to join Mat the Mouse in dancing, stretching, wiggling and giggling. The friendly Program Options Pad (POP) is accessible to parents at any time, providing them with further demonstrations of the key movements and information on the educational content, and allowing them to customize certain program features such as program levels.

Pricing and Availability

Let's Start Learning! is available now in CD-ROM format for Macintosh- and Windows-based personal computers at an estimated retail price of $45. Let's Start Learning! runs on Windows 3.1 and is Windows 95 compatible, including support of the autoplay feature.

System Requirements

The program requires an IBM or compatible or Macintosh computer with a double-speed CD-ROM drive. The Windows version requires a 386DX/33 Mhz processor or better; 4 MB of RAM; a hard disk; a 256-color SVGA monitor; a Windows-compatible sound card; DOS version 5.0 or higher and Window version 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95). The Macintosh version requires a 68030 processor or better; 4 MB of RAM; a hard drive; a 256-color monitor and System 7.0.1 or higher.

The Learning Company is a leading developer of quality educational personal computer software products for use at home and at school. The company's product strategy is to use the benefits of new technologies to offer both home and school markets a comprehensive line of engaging software products that help build life-long learning and communications skills.

The Learning Company is located at 6493 Kaiser Drive, Fremont, Calif., 94555; telephone 800/852-5255 (Customer Support), 510/796-3030 (Technical Support), or 510/792-2101 (Main). -0-

Note to Editors: The Learning Company and Reader Rabbit are registered trademarks and Let's Start Learning! is a trademark of The Learning Company. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

CONTACT: The Learning Company

Stacy Pena, 510/713-6011
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Date:Sep 27, 1995
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