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The Law/Justice Shelf.

Privacy & Libel Law

Paul Tweed

Bloomsbury Press

175 Fifth Avenue, Suite 315

New York, NY 10010

9781847669025, $30.00,

More than ever, people can know that the celebrities of the world are doing. "Privacy & Libel Law: The Clash with Press Freedom" analyzes the role of law in today's rising debate over libel and concerns over privacy, and the heavy influence of lobbyists into this debate, focusing not only on concerns in America, but as well as the United Kingdom and other areas of the world. Deftly analyzing the laws of privacy and the developments on both sides of the debate, "Privacy & Libel Law" is a core addition to law and social issues collections, recommended.

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Title Annotation:Privacy and Libel Law: The Clash with Press Freedom
Publication:Internet Bookwatch
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Oct 1, 2012
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