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The Latest Status of the MEMS Industry is Covered in This Detailed Market Report.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "MIS'08 - Status of the MEMS Industry" report to their offering.

This report provides an unique analysis of the evolution of the MEMS markets, from devices to production equipment and materials business, from manufacturing infrastructure to the evolution of the MEMS foundries and fabless companies. For the 5th year, the report is providing a complete update of the MEMS applications, analyzing application by application the market trends and the involvement of the key industrial companies.

- Only available report providing a complete vision and analysis of the MEMS industry, from end customers to devices and equipment and materials manufacturers

- Detailed analysis of the evolution of MEMS in each major geographical areas

- Be sure to have identified the major trends that are impacting the MEMS business and learn from others what are the answers put in place by the different MEMS manufacturers

The MEMS business and MEMS industry are changing. For the first year, the MEMS business will almost reached $8B in 2008, with strong growth of the consumer applications but also for most of the applications in automotive, medical and industrial business. In volume, the growth of the MEMS markets is reaching 30% per year.

Pushed by this growth, most of the large MEMS manufacturers are either investing in new 8" lines are transferring their production to MEMS foundries. More than 10 companies have already moved from 6" to 8" manufacturing line and more than 10 companies will follow very rapidly.

A large number of devices under development since 5 years are now commercialized (pico projector, MEMS oscillator, RF switches, night vision micro bolometers...) and are fueling the growth of the MEMS business for the next 5 years. In addition, the report is providing an overview of the new companies created in 2007 and beginning of 2008 in MEMS, the new investments made, the M&A. in order to have an updated analysis of the changes and movement of the MEMS companies.

This analysis is based on more than 1,500 contacts made every year by YOLE Developpement with MEMS companies and customers of MEMS companies. 18 full time analysts are collecting information on a day to day basis with all the MEMS manufacturers and their customers.

Benefits of the report

- What are the market shares of MEMS manufacturers per applications?

- What is the evolution of the MEMS foundry business?

- What are the trends and competitive landscape in the MEMS production equipment business?

- Detailed analysis of the major 15 applications of the MEMS markets:

Pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, ink jet head, silicon microphone, Optical MEMS, micro displays, micro bolometers, microfluidics for research, microfluidics for diagnostic, microfluidics for drug delivery, RF MEMS, micro tips and probes, micro fuel cells, emerging applications.

- Strategic analysis of each application and analysis of the competitive landscape

- Detailed equipment manufacturer analysis

- Detailed analysis of the evolution of the MEMS packaging

Who should buy the report?

- The executive of MEMS companies in order to think out of the box and look at the complete MEMS business and the major evolution that could impact the industry

- The technology team of MEMS companies, willing to learn from the development of the other parts of the MEMS industry

- The end users, trying to understand the evolution of the MEMS industry and find data on each applications and who is doing what

- The marketing and technology team of equipment and materials manufacturers, willing to have a complete picture of the MEMS manufacturers and the key metrics of the industry

Key Topics Covered:

What has happen in the last 12 months?

Analysis of MEMS markets

Forecast of the key applications and markets

Analysis of the emerging applications

Mems equipment and materials markets

Overview of the equipment market

Detailed analysis per type of equipment

Focus on MEMS packaging

MEMS in emerging countries

Evolution of the MEMS industry

MEMS foundry market

Analysis of the involvement of IC manufacturers in MEMS

Evolution of the MEMS business models

Analysis of the strategies of the major players

Scenario analysis of the evolutions of the MEMS industry

List of figures

List of the tables

Companies Mentioned:

- Akusitca


- Analog Devices

- Avago Technologies

- Bosch

- Canon

- Colibrys

- Conti

- Dalsa Semiconductor

- Delphi

- Denso

- Discera

- Flir

- Freescale

- GE

- Honeywell

- HP

- Melexis

- Micralyne

- Murata

- Olivetti

- Omron

- Panasonic

- Seiko Epson

- Schneider Electric

- Silex

- Silicon Sensing Systems

- Silverbrook

- SiTime


- TI

- Ulis

- VTI Technologies

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Date:Jul 30, 2008
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