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The Largess Restaurant.

Javeed Masood Ahmed Khan

No doubt a man is born to enjoy the life in different ways. But, his enjoyment is based on his proper diet. Therefore, a person has to seek for a place where he can get it within easy reach. And, that is, of course, "THE LARGESS RESTAURANT".

The Largess Restaurant is a high-class restaurant in Karachi. It was established by Mr. Javeed Masood Ahmed Khan on October 11, 1994 in North Nazimabad Karachi. The Largess Restaurant was inaugurated by the owner's mother with a great zeal and affection, which showed the eastern cultural tradition of paying respect to the parents. The outlook of the Largess Restaurant is so wonderful that one feels a lot of pleasure to look at it. The stylish furnishing all around proves its decency and is sufficient enough to attract the people.

Mr. Javeed Masood Ahmed Khan, the owner of the Largess Restaurant, attempted to hand over the management of the restaurant to Mr. Nadeem Waqar due to his remarkable efficiency in Hotel Management and Services. So, he is operating it in a successful manner.

The Largess Restaurant has been designed in a unique style that one can feel himself, when entered the restaurant, as if he is in a European restaurant.

The Largess Restaurant has been established to serve the people in a remarkable way. Its premises cover a large area of land for the easiness in service and to provide comforts to the guests as much as possible.

The Largess Restaurant consists of a Banquet Hall for 150 persons, a Conference Hall for 100 persons, a VIP Hall for 100 persons, a special Hall for families with the seating arrangement for 100 persons, a General Restaurant with 120 seating arrangements, and an open-air seating arrangement for 400 persons.

The family Hall provides a special type of peaceful environment through its beautiful decoration, valuable and modem stylish furnishing. The beautiful and charming lighting arrangement doubles the peace and provides a lot of relaxation.

The Largess Restaurant has appointed qualified and efficient staff. The 100 personnel's of its staff are always ready to serve the guests as satisfactorily as possible.

The Largess Restaurant maintains Ala' Carte Menu which proved to be so helpful for the guests to choose the dishes of their own wish and according to their desire. It serves a variety of delicious Chinese, Continental and Pakistani dishes full of proper nourishment.

The Largess Restaurant renders the excellent catering services indoor and outdoor. It has got the proper arrangements to maintain the quality of the food and its service as well.

The Largess Restaurant provides a lot of entertainment to its guests through music and songs. It has got different popular singers who entertain the guests with old and new songs according to the desire of the guests.

Mr. Nadeem Waqar, the Manager of the Largess Restaurant, performs his duties very well. He takes care of all the things with a great interest. It is due to his efforts and efficiency that the Largess Restaurant earned fame among the people of the city within a short period of time.
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