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The Lancet is rebuked.

Rome -- The prestigious British medical journal The Lancet published an editorial March 12, 2005, entitled "The Pope's grievous errors." As well as a personal attack on John Paul II, the article was severely critical of the Church's attitude and response to the problem of HIV/AIDS infection in Africa.

A letter protesting and correcting the magazine's stance was promptly sent by Fr. Robert Vitillo, special adviser on HIV/AIDS at Caritas Internationalis. He emphasized the Church's role in the care and treatment of those inflicted with the disease, quoting Church co-operation with other international organizations which deliver relief. He particularly stressed the fact that the two methods promoted by the Church to prevent the infection--abstinence and marital fidelity--are now recognized as legitimate and effective by the scientific community.

Fr. Vitillo made the point in response to the personal attack that the Pope himself was "first among high-profile religious leaders to embrace and dialogue with people living with HIV/AIDS." He explained that John Paul had also been foremost in advocating anti-retroviral treatment in low-income countries; indeed he set up a foundation to provide such resources for those in greatest need. (Zenit, March 21, 2005) (Also see above under Vatican.)
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Date:May 1, 2005
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