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The Lady of the Lakes.

Josi S. Kilpack; THE LADY OF THE LAKES; Shadow Mountain (Fiction: Romance) 32.99 ISBN: 9781629722337

Byline: Claire Foster

The Lady of the Lakes on audiobook is a magical escape to another time and place.

The Lady of the Lakes, an audiobook voiced by Cassandra Campbell, is a delightful look into the true love story of Scotland's most famous poet, Sir Walter Scott. The historical romance is gripping and gratifying, incorporating historical detail into a timeless, literary love triangle.

From the first scene, Kilpack deftly weaves a story of Walter's infatuation with Mina Stuart, a comely Highland lass. Walter is convinced that Mina is his muse, and she's happy to play the part. Campbell, an accomplished voice performer, acts out their dialogue well, alternating tones and inflections to give the characters depth. Although the Scottish accent is challenging, Campbell rises to the task, and her reading is melodious and natural.

Mina, despite her passion for Walter and his writing, isn't fully convinced that their love is the real thing. How much of it is authentic, and how much of it is just pretty wordplay? While she's deliberating, she meets William Forbes -- a man whose many virtues include not being a poet. Walter, likewise, is drawn elsewhere, to Charlotte Carpenter. As their love story unfolds, she and Walter learn that there's more to marriage than rhymed couplets.

Kilpack's double love triangle plot is tantalizing and keeps the action moving quickly. The Lady of the Lakes satisfies on multiple levels, adding details from actual letters, locations, and Scottish history. Although her characters seem too modern for their era at times, Kilpack never steps outside the context of the story; nor does she apologize for "the way things were" in late eighteenth century Scotland.

Perfect for a road trip or a long, relaxing afternoon, The Lady of the Lakes on audiobook is a magical escape to another time and place.

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Author:Foster, Claire
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Jan 23, 2017
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