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The La Trobe Journal No. 70 2002.

A Henry Lawson issue edited by John Barnes

This is an interesting issue of the La Trobe Journal for a number of reasons. Importantly it discusses Lawson's Melbourne Publisher T.C. Lothian in an article written by John Arnold and also an article 'The Lawson Manuscripts in the Lothian Papers' by John Barnes.

The La Trobe Journal also discusses Henry Lawson's interest in his 'Foreign Father'.

Vane Lindsay has an annotation of Will Dyson's caricature of Henry Lawson. There are Lawson Memories written by Harry G. Hodges. Then Christopher Lee writes about 'The status of the Aborigine in the writings of Henry Lawson; A Reconsideration'.

Finally there is published 'Notes on Lawson's Books' which was written by E.J. Brady. This article is held in manuscript in the State Library of Victoria in the J.K. Moir Collection. Lawson had spent some weeks with Brady at Mallacoota in the Gippsland of Victoria in 1910.

This edition of the La Trobe Journal is a valuable source of the material on Henry Lawson held in the State Library of Victoria which produces the La Trobe Journal.

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