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The Kurdish Globe: Five years later.

Summary: "The Kurdish Globe" thanks our readers, and we appreciate all those who contributed to the paper over the last five years.

For the past five years, "The Kurdish Globe" has tried to work as a bridge between Kurdistan Region and the outside world. Right from the start, the objective has been to inform English-speaking readers about events that occur and opportunities that exist in the heart of the new Kurdish region of Iraq. Today, "The Kurdish Globe" is proud to note that it is one of the primary sources of information for foreigners in and outside of the region who are interested in learning more about the Kurdish condition. We will continue in our task to provide objective news and report developments and events in Kurdistan Region for English-speakers interested in this part of the world.Kurdistan Region has taken tremendous steps toward recovery and even prosperity in the past few years following Saddam's demise. The "Globe" has been a trusted means of following the developments in this very progressive country. Times have changed, and even "The Kurdish Globe" strives to adapt to the new possibilities and necessities that shape the new Kurdistan. It is perhaps with this point in mind that "The Kurdish Globe" will work even as a much stronger medium for not only the English-speaking readers, but also work as an alternative and trustworthy newspaper for Kurds themselves whose young population have started to use English as their "intellectual" language. From May onward, the "Globe" will become free of charge and increase its circulation to 26,000. This means that "The Kurdish Globe" will be available in most public places in bigger cities, and will be competing with Kurdish papers around Kurdistan. As always, we will focus on important events that matter the most."The Kurdish Globe," as the only English weekly newspaper in Kurdistan, calls on all Kurdish intellectuals and academics throughout Kurdistan and the world to contribute to our paper in their field of expertise. Informed, analytical, and constructive critical articles will be much appreciated in order to inform non-Kurdish-speaking readers interested in Kurdistan and Kurdish political, economic, social, and cultural affairs. "The Kurdish Globe" is proud to be the voice of Kurdish scholars and intellectuals who so capably reflect Kurdistan to the outside world.We are also proud to open our pages to non-Kurdish writers interested in Kurdistan and Kurdish national affairs. Those who would like to express their opinion on Kurdish political affairs can be assured that they can use the "Globe" as long as their view is structured and free of provocation, agitation, and aggression.Once again, "The Kurdish Globe" thanks our readers, and we appreciate all those who contributed to the paper over the last five years. We hope and expect a continuation of this tremendous support and appreciation from the readers.On this fifth anniversary, the "Globe" strongly encourages our readers to send their criticism and views on any aspect of the paper from its context to its design. Any criticism will be very much appreciated, and all criticism will be viewed to improve the paper to higher standards.

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Publication:The Kurdish Globe (Erbil, Iraq)
Date:Apr 3, 2010
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