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The King's Commission.

Dewey Lambdin. 1991/1999. Read by John Lee Books on Tape, 11, 1.5 hour tapes. $88.00. 0-7366-8265-1. Vinyl; plot note. A

The naval adventures of Alan Lewrie continue with our hero in the Caribbean fighting the French, Spanish, and rebellious Americans. He is promoted to lieutenant and finds himself aboard the Shrike, under the hard eye of Captain Lilycrop, who teaches him seamanship. They are assigned to take a party inland in Florida to bribe the Indians into helping Britain keep at least that much of the colonies. There Lewrie gets a Cherokee woman pregnant and marries her. C. S. Forester couldn't have done better with the naval details and the scenes of bloody fighting. But this is "sex, swords, and sailing ships," so Lewrie beds any number of willing girls. An introduction provides the listener with Lewrie's lurid past beginning with his birth in London in 1763. He gets thrown out of any number of schools for sexual encounters, but takes to navy life. At the end of this book, Lewrie is made commander of Shrike and the Revolutionary War ends.

Lewrie will be back, eager to get a leg over any girl around and beat the French and Spanish in a duel at sea. A rollicking novel, narrated with gusto by John Lee, who gives us a full-voiced reading. Recommended to fans of Forester and the lusty Lewrie. Janet Julian, former English Teacher, Grafton H.S., Grafton, MA
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Author:Julian, Janet
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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