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The Kind of Schools We Need: Personal Essays.

The Kind of Schools We Need: Personal Essays. Elliot W. Eisner. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann (800-793-2154), 1998. Illus., softcover, 234 pp., $19.00.

Elliot Eisner has been an influential advocate of and spokesperson for American art education for more than thirty years. This book serves as a confluence of Eisner's incisive thoughts on what the arts contribute to education, by reprinting selected articles and essays that he has written for leading scholarly journals over the past decade. Sixteen essays are presented in groupings of four with these section headings: Cognition and Representation, The Arts and their Role in Education, Rethinking Educational Research, and The Practice and Reform of Schools. Within each of these groupings the reader will encounter Eisner's logical analysis of the problems, and note that when he defines a problem, lucid suggestions and proposed solutions are sure to follow. The depth of Eisner's experience in and grasp of art education philosophy and practice is apparent in every essay. A discussion of the current school reform movement and the search for standards now underway is leavened by Eisner's reminder of the zeal with which behavioral objectives were promoted and pursued in the 1960s. The centrality of perception in cognition is an underlying theme in much of Eisner's writing and is but one of many reasons why this publication belongs on the bookshelf of every art educator, administrator, and other education decision-makers.
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Anderson, Kent
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 1999
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