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The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn.

The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn

Elizabeth (Liz) Johnson

Steeple Hill Books

233 Broadway New York, NY 10279

9780373443482 $5.50

Mackenzie Thorn named after her grandfather and prefers to be called Kenzie was raised by her grandparents after the death of her parents. She works at the prison teaching a GED prep program to the inmates. A program started by her grandfather Governor Mac Thorn. Along comes handsome inmate Myles Parsons. Kenzie is drawn to him but doesn't know why but knows despite the innocent flirtation-taking place between them she must keep her distance. After all, he is an inmate.

Than one night as she leaves class Myles is hiding in the backseat of her car waiting to kidnap her. Kidnap her he does and together set off on the wildest adventure of her life. Kenzie is sure that Myles is going to kill her as he holds a knife to her side and tells her to drive; frantically she does as she is told praying to God to help her. Driving to a cabin in the woods where Myles' mother Lenora lives, Kenzie tries to get Lenora to help her but to no avail. After risking his life fighting a mountain lion after Kenzie tries to escape the truth comes out. Turns out Myles is not who she thought he was. He is an FBI agent working under cover to protect her from who knows what or whom. As our duo sets out to find out who wants Kenzie dead and why and trying to make those people believe she is dead through chases and hiding out it is clear along the way God has his hand of protection upon them. Both try hard to fight the feelings growing between them.

Kenzie is not sure she can trust Myles if he lied about who he is what else has he lied about but at the same time feels she has no one else to turn to. And Myles knows he will jeopardize his job and yet the romance grows.

Where will it all end, will both end up dead or will they be able to stop whoever wants Kenzie dead? And what about romance will Kenzie ever trust Myles in order to follow her heart only time will tell in this amazing tale of inspirational suspense and romance. Author Liz Johnson in this her debut novel has an amazing way of bringing her characters to life. You'll love the sweet and spicy sides of Kenzie and the gentle protectiveness of Myles that you can't help to be drawn into the story from page one.

Cheri Clay

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Author:Clay, Cheri
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:Oct 1, 2009
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