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The KLA and Congressman Rohrabacher. (Letters to the Editor).

I have read Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's letter to the editor, "In Defense of the KLA," in your November 19th issue. If I read the Congressman correctly, he believes that KLA terrorists are freedom fighters who fight for a free, democratic, and independent state of Kosovo because they were oppressed by Milosevic's Serb government and are a majority in Kosovo.

It is sad to see that an American Congressman does not know that the KLA represents the worst terrorist organization we have seen in Europe since WWII.

To grant those "freedom fighters" an independent state, only for being in the majority on Serbian land, means that the same should be granted to Hispanics in California, or New Mexico, or (soon) Florida. Would Congressman Rohrabacher vote for an independent Hispanic state of California?


Ottawa, Ontario
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Publication:The New American
Date:Dec 17, 2001
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