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The KISS philosophy.

We've been enjoying your magazine from cover to cover for decades, and in the March/April 2016 issue, Ken Johnson's article, "What Happened to Simple?" really hit home for me. Perhaps it's because we're both from Wisconsin (my grandmother grew up in the Waupaca area, too) and have a common-sense kind of mentality.

My spouse and I have been saving up to purchase a replacement vehicle for my 2003 Saturn VUE. GM, sadly, doesn't make them anymore. Where we live, having all-wheel-drive would really help. And I'd rather our next vehicle not be a new vehicle because new ones are so darned expensive, and they come with all these "standard" conveniences I prefer not to have cluttering up my dashboard.

I started making a list of the features I "need" in one column and then a list of the stuff I "don't need" in the second column. The second column was, by far, much longer. We live in a beautifully rustic and bluff-ridden area with no cellphone service. We choose not to have a cell phone, nor an MP3 player, nor "OnStar," "Bluetooth," nor "iPad," nor "smart phone" (do they really make you smarter?), so why would we want all those gizmos as a standard in our vehicle?

The distraction alone is enough to take one's eyes or attention off tire road and cause an accident. I too prefer not to have an automatic braking system (ABS) because my father taught me how to drive a stick shift in the worst winter weather more than 40 years ago, and I've driven vehicles with ABS and wondered what the heck was wrong with it when I tried to pump my brakes. The vehicle took much longer to stop and scared the living daylights out of me!

Needless to say, we're still looking for a simple, all-wheel-drive vehicle, preferably made in the USA (to help America's jobs and our U.S. economy), without all those bells and whistles and other senseless gadgetry. It's not been an easy or rewarding task, to say the least. But we'll still continue to live by the KISS philosophy: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

And to you at Countryside, please keep up the good work and informative articles about simpler lifestyles and country living.

Ingrid Olson


Ingrid, we share your struggle to find a good car these days that's simple and easy to understand. We test-drove a few cars and trucks recently, and decided our 12-year-old efficient grocery getter was going to be just fine for a few more years. Plus, the tape deck in it has to be appreciating in value due to its rarity, no?

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Author:Olson, Ingrid
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Date:Jun 30, 2016
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