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The Jurisprudence of Aharon Barak; views from Europe.


The Jurisprudence of Aharon Barak; views from Europe.

Ed. by Maartje de Visser and Willem Witteveen.

Wolf Legal Publishers


218 pages



Tilburg law lectures series; Montesquieu seminars; v.5


Aharon Barak is the former President of the Israeli Supreme Court who, having returned to the realm of academics, has recently turned much of his scholarly attention to issues of judicial discretion and constitutional review. His invitation to deliver the 2010 Montesquieu lecture at the Tilburg School of Law, editors Visser (European law and comparative constitutional law, Maastricht U., the Netherlands) and Witteveen (jurisprudence and rhetoric, Tilburg U., the Netherlands) decided, served as the perfect opportunity to explore these issues, particularly in a comparative manner looking at the common law tradition of Barak's training and the civil law tradition associated with Montesquieu, so they organized a closed research seminar on the theme of judicial lawmaking and Barak's 2006 book The Judge in a Democracy. The ten papers from that seminar are presented here, together with the text of Barak's Montesquieu lecture, "On Society, Law and Judging." Distributed in the US by Enfield.

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Date:Aug 1, 2013
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