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The Judge Who Hated Red Nail Polish.

The Judge Who Hated Red Nail Polish

By Ilona Bray and Richard Stim

The Judge Who Hated Red Nail Polish covers the answers to fascinating questions like these:

* Is it legal to keep treasure you find in a sunken ship?

* How did the court system make Typhoid Mary famous?

* Which Supreme Court judge had, among his other idiosyncrasies, an unnatural hatred for red nail polish?

Stuffed to the brim with random facts, outrageous acts, and the lawsuits meant to clean up after them,

The Judge Who Hated Red Nail Polish is a light-hearted read, ideal for anyone interested in the bizarre and wacky side of law.

The 249-page book, published by Nolo, can be purchased from for $19.99.

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Publication:Florida Bar Journal
Date:Dec 1, 2010
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