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Travel agent Alan Glen was left up in the air the day he tried to get a grant for his firm.

He paid European Business Support almost pounds 350 to push it through with a money-back guarantee.


When he wrote to EBS for a refund, he didn't even get a reply.

And he's not the only one. Susan Symington, who runs a care agency in Glasgow, told a similar tale of woe.

She also paid the up-front fee but all she got was a computer print-out of grant information...

The sort of details you can get FREE from any grant agency.

The men behind the scam are Stephen Seddon, 30, and his Glaswegian sales director Bill Lavery, 45.

In adverts, Seddon boasts a staff of 250 plus seven offices, including Glasgow, Inverness and Dundee.

Under their cleverly- worded contract, all they have to provide are details of possible grants from the UK and Europe.

Alan, of Blantyre- based Glen Travel, said: "The salesman gave a powerful argument for using them. I should have spotted it.

"But I'm big enough to admit my mistake and I hope you can warn others."

And that's just what I'm doing after I probed the firm's activities.

Originally, Seddon and Lavery were directors and Rachael Sperke was secretary of UK Business Grants, which operated from Sale, Cheshire.

In February, their telephone number and premises were suddenly taken over by EBS.

Callers were told they had nothing to do with UK Business Grants.

Yet company checks reveal that Lavery and Sperke are listed as directors and Seddon says he's managing director.

Trading Standards officers are hot on their heels after being flooded with complaints throughout the country.

One of them said: "Unfortunately, much of the consumer protection law doesn't apply when it's business-to-business transactions."

When I contacted the new office of EBS in Altrincham, Cheshire, they said Seddon was on holiday but I could contact Lavery at the Glasgow office.

I made repeated calls but was told Lavery was out and would contact me. But he hasn't called back.

Eu've been warned

Sticky ticket wicket

I got a parking ticket while shopping, but I've used the same spot for years and never been in trouble. Despite repeated letters, the police and local council say I have to pay.

IGNORANCE of the law is generally no defence. You should have observed the street signs.

WHEN a firm is taken over, what happens to an employee's service record?

IF it's transferred from one person to another, the service is deemed as continuous and taken into account for any redundancy or other payments.

I'VE bought a flat, but contrary to information from sales staff, I've nowhere to hang my washing. I wouldn't have bought the flat if I had known.

IF it was so vital, you should have made it a condition in the missives that you were entitled to resile if deed conditions stopped you hanging out washing.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 8, 1996
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