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The Joy of Letting Go.

The Joy of Letting Go

Suzanne Falter

Love and Happiness Publishing

9780991124848, $4.99, Kindle

The Joy of Letting Go: Helpful Thoughts for Challenging Times is the first book in Suzanne Falter's 'The Joy Series' and comes from an author, podcaster, and self-help advisor who covers basic strategies for letting go of worries, issues, and the kinds of life connections which create an atmosphere of negativity and angst. With The Joy of Letting Go in hand, readers receive real keys, based on Falter's own experiences and those of others, to the underlying obstacles to a happy life. Also analyzed are the meaningful lessons that can come from adversity if the individual used to being in a victim role can overcome this state of mind to absorb some valuable lessons even from most terrible of circumstances. From what to let go of to how to identify and build better patterns, analytical skills, and routines that support a more positive lifestyle, The Joy of Letting Go is the perfect anecdote to ennui and depression in a chaotic world where many feel pressed to over-control or defy change. Readers who tend to be angry, co-dependent, and frustrated by life's slings and arrows will benefit from Falter's approach, which lists many important perceptions and keys to revising them for a better result and a bigger heart.

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Publication:California Bookwatch
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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